Prince William Still ‘Won’t Tolerate’ Others Bad-Mouthing Prince Harry Despite ‘Anger & Sadness’ Over Netflix Show!

This is the first brotherly thing we’ve heard about these two in a loooong time!

If you’ve grown up with an older sibling, you’re probably familiar with the classic dichotomy — they love to bully you, but only they get to bully you! Well, it sounds like that’s what’s going on here! According to insiders who spoke to The Telegraph on Tuesday, Prince William “won’t tolerate” others speaking negatively about Prince Harry — even amid the latter’s attacks in his Netflix series!

Despite King Charles III and Princess Diana’s sons’ “incredibly strained” relationship over the years, sources claimed the Prince of Wales won’t let anyone speak poorly about the Duke of Sussex — even despite his feelings of “anger and sadness” over the disparaging docuseries. Wow!

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Because of this, one source sounded hopeful for a reconciliation between the fighting brothers in the future, saying:

“Everyone thought they needed to get back together. Now, I don’t think there’s anyone who really believes that’s possible.”

More positively, they added:

“Working together will never happen. But can they be brothers again? You’ve got to hope. How much longer can this all go on? Life is long. Miracles happen.”

Innerestingly, the sources say Will is not even watching his sibling’s new docuseries. That’s maybe for the best…

This comes after the streamer released a new trailer for Part 2 of Harry & Meghan, which will air on Thursday. In the clip, the parents of two take aim at the royal family several times, including claiming The Firm was only willing to protect William. The 38-year-old rogue royal said at one point:

“They were happy to lie to protect my brother [Prince William], but they were never willing to tell the truth to protect us.”

Oof. Meghan went on to claim they lost their security before Megxit, seemingly forcing them to exit their roles as senior working royals in 2020 for safety reasons. But, as you probably saw coming, several experts are now clapping back at the claims.

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While speaking to on Monday evening, royal biographer Tom Bower claimed the Archewell founder’s “treacherous collaboration” with Netflix had “destroyed his relationship with William.” He also insisted their comments about security were “shockingly untrue.” He argued:

“Their mother Diana would be appalled by Harry’s disloyalty. Not only is that rupture distressing for William and King Charles, but also for the country. The image of warring brothers is terrible for Britain’s global reputation.”

Yeesh. Meanwhile, author Richard Fitzwilliams also told the outlet:

“The charge ‘our security was being pulled, everyone in the world knew where we were’ implies they were not given proper security as senior working royals before Megxit. It follows from that that in their opinion the Royal and VIP Executive Committee (Ravec) was not doing its job properly. We must ask why and require them to produce proof.”

Evidence would put a lot of this controversy to rest. But will the Sussexes or the royal institution give it?? Hmm. The author then speculated:

“It is also possible that – given a reported 15 hours of footage by the Sussexes – Netflix have sensationalised their comments in the trailer to draw in viewers.”

The next three episodes will help prove whether or not the claims were sensationalized for promo, depending on what Meghan and Harry say in their interviews rather than quick sound bites. This wouldn’t be the first time the couple faced criticism for the show’s trailers, either, by the way, and they managed to get over that backlash rather quickly, all things considered. Probably because folks have grown accustomed to the fact trailers lie to you.

Buckingham Palace has remained unusually silent since the premiere of the documentary, but that may not last. They are reportedly waiting to see all of the episodes before deciding whether or not to speak out. Seeing as William’s about to be dragged into the mud, it’s likely they’ll want to fight back at any potential false claims. But we’ll have to see! For now, it’s definitely interesting to know Princess Catherine’s hubby is standing up for his brother, at least when it comes to those in his inner circle. Reactions, Perezcious readers?! SOUND OFF (below)!

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