Prince William SLAMMED Over Public Treatment Of Kate Middleton — While Harry Is Praised!

If a 25-second clip is enough to gain insight into what may be going on behind the scenes, we feel bad for Prince William‘s wife…

Princess Catherine AKA Kate Middleton is drawing a lot of attention on social media right now, following a pair of viral posts showing her getting the apparent cold shoulder from her husband — and then giving it right back.

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This all came about on Saturday, when William, Kate, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle collectively opted for a royal walkabout outside Windsor Castle. Emotions were high, of course, as the “Fab Four” were in the middle of mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II, which occurred late last week. But during the brief public greeting, there came a moment when William appeared to give a look into part of his personality. And it wasn’t great!!

The two couples were walking towards their car, intending to get in and leave at the end of the public interaction. Press video caught an interesting moment where 37-year-old Harry walked around the vehicle and opened the door for his wife. The Suits alum offered gratitude to her husband for the kind gesture before getting in and sitting down. Harry then walked around to his side of the car to enter, too. A simple chivalrous act!

As for William — uhhh, he didn’t do that. The 40-year-old big bro bounded around to his side of the car without giving so much as a second look at Kate. The proud mom was left to open her own door and seat herself in the car. It’s not the biggest deal in the grand scheme of things, of course. Kate is a capable woman and can take care of her own s**t! But the optics were BAD!!! Like, where was the chivalry on the future King’s end?! And especially compared to the kindness exemplified by his little brother!

You can see video of the awkward exchange HERE.

Over on Twitter, fans absolutely tore up the monarch-in-waiting. Many people used the video to compare William and Harry’s differing treatments of their wives and the world. Others made negative associations between William and how his father, King Charles III, treated the late Princess Diana years ago.

Here are just a few of the stern reactions (below):

“Harry holds the car door open for his wife. Makes sure she’s safe. Will does not. Case closed.”

“Harry is a gentleman. William however acts like his father.”

“Say what you will about Harry & Meghan but he puts his arm around her back and opens her car door for her. He loves her. That gets a swoon from me.”

“Harry proves chivalry is not dead by awkwardly opening the car door for Meghan and then closing it. Respect. Manners and etiquette matter people.”

“Harry is a true king and son of Diana. Look how he cares for his wife.”

“Harry opened the car door for Meghan and returned back to the other side to enter the car. My kind of gentleman.”

“Prince Harry opening & closing the door for his wife, Princess Diana would be proud.”

“[Harry] is not going to treat his wife like his father did her mother. That’s what the British public don’t get. He opened the door for his wife on his own accord, and his wife responded by saying thank you. That’s mutual respect.”

“[Harry] didn’t want what happened to his mother to happen to Meghan. He is a good husband.”


But that wasn’t the only controversy to crop up this weekend. A second hubbub kicked off after paparazzi pics captured the “Fab Four” strolling together at another point in the public walkabout.

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In the second image, Harry and Meghan can be seen holding hands and walking very close together, as if relying on each other for support. Meanwhile, there is a significant gap between William and Kate — with Princess Catherine completely obscured from the picture behind a gate. The physical space, which you can see in the pic HERE, made fans ponder about potential emotional space between William and Kate, as well.

At least one person questioned the distance between Prince William and his wife in that unfortunately-timed image:

“Where in hell is #Catherine? A picture speaks a thousand words! Such distance between her and her husband. Such a big gap! Did #Kate walk before her husband #PrinceWilliam? Awkward!”


Other snapshots also show the parents of three walking feet apart, which we’re sure body language experts are having a field day with! What do y’all make of this online commentary, Perezcious readers?? Lots of chatter and supposition on social media — do U buy it extending into the real world right now? Or are people reading too much into things?! (Especially since grief is at play with all four mourning the Queen’s death.) Sound OFF with your take on everything down in the comments (below)…

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