Prince Harry & William’s Cousin Acting As A ‘Peacemaker’ To Keep Tensions At Bay Following Queen Elizabeth’s Death!

Prince Harry and Prince William could use all the help they can get to stay amicable amid this devastating time.

With their entire family coming together to mourn Queen Elizabeth II’s death, the brothers are once again forced to appear together amid lots of tension. Now, their cousin Peter Phillips, who has already acted as a buffer for them in the past, is likely gearing up to do the same — this time with hopes of healing the long-standing rift between the famous family members! According to a source who spoke to the Telegraph on Saturday, Princess Anne‘s son has reportedly “acted as peacemaker” for the feuding siblings. Per the outlet, it’s “a role he could fulfill” again.

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An insider explained Peter could be the one to help bring an end to the ongoing fight between King Charles III’s children, saying:

“Peter is used to acting as a bit of a buffer. He may play that role again in a bid to pull them along together.”

The 44-year-old literally stood in between William and Harry when they walked together during a funeral procession for their late grandfather, Prince Philip, last April. Sounds like there’s a chance we could see a similar arrangement for the Queen’s services — especially if Harry and William can’t keep it together in the days leading up to the ceremony!

Interestingly, Peter seems to be in a unique position to help considering he’s had a close relationship with both William and Harry for a while. Maybe he really could talk some sense into them? Even if that’s possible, can one cousin really fix all the damage done?!

As we’ve been following, Princess Diana’s sons have been battling it out for several years now, with tensions rising after Harry and his wife Meghan Markle sat down for an explosive interview about the royal family with Oprah Winfrey last year. While things seem to have died down a bit, it’s likely a temporary cease-fire considering they are deeply grieving the loss of their grandmother. Harry still has a bombshell memoir to release though, which is bound to stir up trouble!

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Still, the brothers and their wives, Princess Catherine AKA Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, stepped out together on Saturday to view the floral tributes left outside of Windsor Castle for Her Majesty.

It marked the first time the couples had appeared together in public since the Commonwealth Day service on March 9, 2020. Only the Queen could bring them together after all this time!! The symbolic gesture was appreciated by many, a royal source told Page Six on Monday:

“We are all very grateful — both sides putting all things aside for the Queen.”

And they didn’t even need Peter this time! Instead, Peter, his mother Princess Anne, her husband Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence, and his sister, Zara Tindall (among others) appeared outside of Balmoral Castle in Scotland earlier in the day to view tributes left in the Queen’s honor. So, the boys are already keeping some public peace on their own! Progress! We’re sure William and Harry will continue to appear together during the Queen’s funeral, which is scheduled for September 19. It’ll be telling whether or not Peter stands between them this time! Thoughts?

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