Prince Harry & Meghan Meghan Will 100% Be Invited To King Charles’ Coronation, Says Royal Insider

There’s been much ado over the fact Prince Harry and Meghan Markle haven’t been invited to King Charles III‘s coronation. But royal sources are making it clear that means nothing — because no one has been invited! Invitations haven’t been sent out yet!

Despite the naysayers, insiders seem positive the Sussexes will not only receive an offer but will also attend!

Multiple royal sources told Page Six on Monday that when invites do go out, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will definitely be on the guest list, despite ongoing controversy among the family members. Clapping back at reports the pair haven’t been invited to the ceremony, which is set to take place in just three months on May 6, one explained:

“It’s still very early days, no one has been invited yet!”

Similarly, another source confirmed to The Post that the list hasn’t been finalized yet, so no one has received an official invite at this time. Still, that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from speculating about what will happen amid the family’s ongoing feud.

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One theory taking shape in the UK is that Harry may decide to travel alone from California to England for the coronation, leaving behind the Suits alum to celebrate their son Archie’s fourth birthday (which takes place on the same day as the coronation). Interestingly, not everyone is buying this. One royal source told Page Six the couple is a package deal:

“Everyone is expecting Harry and Meghan, Charles wants them both there.”

The Archewell founders have been fighting with their relatives ever since deciding to step back from royal duties in 2020. Things reached a boiling point after they decided to put the royals on blast in Harry’s memoir Spare and their Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan. With no hope of reconciliation in sight, it’s hard to know what they will decide to do if they receive an invite. The 38-year-old father of two has been pretty adamant about wanting a formal apology, specifically from King Charles, Queen Camilla, Prince William, and Princess Catherine. We doubt that’s coming anytime soon!

Meanwhile, plenty of disparaging reports have come to light trying to discredit Harry’s book — and he believes it’s his family’s doing. According to a new source for Radar Online, the former military officer has been pushed to his breaking point while dealing with his family’s “mind games.” With this in mind, we’re not sure Harry’s going to be willing to do his father a favor by attending the coronation without an apology, which isn’t great for Charles since his reputation (at least as the history books are concerned) may hinge on his ability to reunite his own family.

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Luckily for the King, royal biographer Robert Lacey is certain the fighting will be put on pause for the historic coronation, telling People earlier this month:

“There have been some very grave disagreements between them. But the Platinum Jubilee and the funerals of the Queen and Prince Philip did demonstrate that they could put personal enmity aside for the sake of the bigger cause. And that is what the coronation will be all about.”

So much has happened between those events and now, though. Will they be able to ignore the drama?? Maybe, but maybe not… Even King Charles is seemingly having a hard time avoiding some of the controversy these days! Last week when the 74-year-old monarch was greeting students at the University of East London, a fan asked the burning question on everyone’s mind, yelling:

“Can you bring back Harry?”

Charles didn’t seem to know who they were talking about and asked, “Who?” Yes, seriously!!! His royal aide then told him the student was talking about his son and Charles laughed. Damn! According to the Daily Mirror, this wasn’t a case of His Majesty dissing his youngest child, but he merely didn’t hear the complete question. Either way, it proves Harry’s presence at the ceremony is a huge, dark cloud looming over them all. So, they’re going to have to figure this invite sitch out ASAP or the feud will completely take over the rest of the coronation coverage! Reactions?? Do YOU think Harry and Meghan will attend if invited? Let us know (below)!

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