Prince Harry Is ‘Trying To Get A Rise Out Of’ Royal Family — But It’s Backfiring BIG TIME!

Prince Harry’s memoir Spare is officially out, but one royal expert doesn’t think the former working royal is getting the reaction he wanted!

No, we’re not talking about book sales since he’s been smashing records on that front (he sold over 1.43 million copies on the release day, per Penguin Random House). While the world has been analyzing the many accusations the 38-year-old brought against his estranged family in the pages of the explosive tell-all, the very people Harry was seemingly hoping to “get a rise out of” aren’t indulging him at all — and this could be a problem!

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Speaking to Us Weekly on Thursday, expert Christopher Andersen shared:

“I think he’s trying to get a rise out of somebody. But as we approach the coronation, I think all [King] Charles [III] wants is calm … [which is], I think, making [Harry] very frustrated that he’s not getting any kind of response.”

It’s clear the royal family is doing their best to rise above the drama. When they stepped out to resume public duties on Thursday, they expertly avoided discussing the memoir just as Buckingham Palace has refused to acknowledge any of the allegations mentioned in the book. If Harry was trying to start a messy back-and-forth, his family isn’t willing to play along!

To be honest, we’re impressed with the Brits’ ability to ignore the controversy, too! The Duke of Sussex slammed Charles, Queen Consort Camilla, Prince William, and Princess Catherine several times in the pages of the book and during promo interviews leading up to the release. For instance, he argued that a “gung-ho” member of his father’s team “devised and launched a new campaign of getting good press” for the patriarch and his wife ahead of their 2005 nuptials that came “at the expense of bad press” for Harry and William. He also called Camilla “dangerous” several times, putting the 74-year-old “in a terrible position with Camilla,” per an Us Weekly source earlier this week. Elaborating on the effect of all this, the Brothers and Wives author continued:

“Charles is very defensive when it comes to Camilla, and therefore, anything negative about Camilla, he’s not going to take well at all. So, we’ll just have to see what he does.”

As for the coronation? Well, things are VERY much up in the air:

“I was convinced that Harry and Meghan [Markle] would be in the coronation; now I’m not so convinced they’ll even be asked.”

Damn. It’ll be such a big deal if Harry and Meghan aren’t invited. Talk about the point of no return!

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Interestingly, should the royal family truly decide to shut the California residents out, it could be “decades” until they ever consider reconciling, Christopher noted:

“The royal family, when they close ranks, you can be on the outs for decades.”

Oof. We hope it doesn’t come to this! Especially since, even though the journalist believes the Archewell founder “had to get this all off his chest,” he thinks the renegade royal may one day come to regret attacking his family in the media. The insider added:

“Everything hinges on his relationship with Meghan. If they stay happily married, then this will probably work for him. [But], if there are any cracks in the marriage in the future, I don’t know, maybe then he might come to rethink [this].”

He sure has given up a lot for the Suits alum, so if things ever go south, it would be a tough pill to swallow, for sure! Let’s hope that doesn’t happen! But even if so, Meghan will always be the mother of his children, and will therefore always be in his life. Reactions, Perezcious readers? Do you think Harry’s frustrated his family isn’t reacting more?!

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