Pamela Anderson’s Alleged Texts To ‘One True Love’ Tommy Lee Revealed — But Did His Wife Brittany Furlan Leak Them?

Uh oh! It looks like Pamela Anderson’s undying love for her ex-husband Tommy Lee might actually be getting in the way of his current marriage to Brittany Furlan.

According to TMZ on Thursday, the former Playboy model poured her heart out in a newly leaked text message to the Mötley Crüe drummer ahead of the release of her Netflix docuseries and memoir. And now fans think Brittany leaked the message to put Pam on blast!

Here’s the deal. Per TMZ’s sources, Pamela reached out to Tommy to make things right and let him know how she really feels before the launch of her revealing media projects. She even told the musician he’s still her “one true love” — something she hasn’t hesitated to say throughout her promo tour, either.

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In the text messages, the 55-year-old supposedly gushes about how cute the pair’s family used to be while they were still together raising their sons, Brandon Thomas Lee, 26, and Dylan Jagger Lee, 25. She also blames the paparazzi, as well as the fallout from the sex tape leak, for tearing them apart and claimed “nothing compares” to the two of them together. She allegedly wrote:

“I can’t believe we filmed so much. It’s heartbreaking (in a good way) – so much love. We were so happy. So cute you with the boys as babies and it’s really how [paparazzi] world tore us apart – it’s very emotional and sweet. I only have good things to say about you – esp in hindsight I realize I only had one true love – I never recovered…”

You can see the full text messages (below):


Replying to @leedavies8376 #greenscreen let Tommy and Brittany live happily married ever after #blinditems #pamelaanderson #pamandtommy #tommylee #brittanyfurlan #baywatch #pamandtommyonhulu #gossip #tea #gossipgirlhere #blinditems

♬ Sad piano ballad (moist / BGM)(936730) – TrickSTAR MUSIC


Replying to @lynn_mish_5 #greenscreen I have many more but I’m not sharing them now out of respect for Brittany and Tommy but PROOF I HAVE RECEIPTS #blinditems #gossip #gossipgirlhere #tea #pamelaanderson #pamandtommy #pamandtommyonhulu #tommylee #brittanyfurlan #baywatch

♬ Crazy – Patsy Cline

Also, per the outlet, these aren’t the only texts. Apparently the Barb Wire alum frequently writes Tommy with flirty messages saying how she still loves him and believes they will be together when they’re old. She also apologizes for things in their past.

According to TMZ’s insiders, the 60-year-old performer hasn’t responded — and he doesn’t plan to. Sources close to Lee say Pamela’s been repeatedly texting him since he proposed to Brittany, but he never responds since he is trying to be respectful to his new partner. But it’s definitely rubbing the couple the wrong way. Another source close to Tommy argued that while the Baywatch star’s portraying herself (at least in public) as being respectful of the marriage, she’s actually trying to get back with him.

Insiders close to the actress have clapped back at this, telling the outlet the Home Improvement alum has zero intention of breaking up the marriage and isn’t trying to get back together. She was simply trying to express her gratitude for their history. Apparently, her most recent text to Tommy was in January, right before the doc premiered. She was trying to express her heartbreak over their divorce and tell Tommy how sorry she was for her part in the relationship’s demise.

This leads us to a big fan theory on the internet right now. Many self-proclaimed sleuths online believe Brittany was the one to leak the texts!

As seen above, the text messages were originally posted as a blind item by TikTok user Kyle Marisa Roth. The video featured a screenshot of the alleged messages — and someone’s nails could be seen in the photo scrolling on Tom’s phone. Eagle-eyed viewers quickly recognized the nails. They now suspect Brittany may have been the one to leak the photos since she was seen sporting the same nail art in an Instagram video back in April. Check it out:

An interesting theory, but there’s no real way to prove it at this time, so you do with this so-called evidence what you will.

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One thing’s for sure. There’s been a ton of attention on the 36-year-old ever since the Netflix film hit the streamer. Earlier this week, Brittany took heat for posting (and quickly deleting) a seemingly very shady TikTok in which she joked Pamela wouldn’t care if she died. When she deleted it, she told followers she was simply trying to make a joke at her own expense — and not her man’s ex — but she took it down for fear the message was getting twisted.

This isn’t the only instance of her getting attacked online in light of the documentary, either. There’s been so much drama, friends and family have been reaching out to make sure she’s okay, TMZ sources revealed. The content creator’s loved ones are worried since the film, in their opinion, makes it clear Pam is still in love with Tommy. The insiders also say Tommy just wants Pam to move on and find someone else to make her happy. Most importantly, he wants the text messages to stop since they are triggering for him and his wife. Oof.

It’s definitely a sticky situation. Thoughts? Let us know what you think about this fan theory (below).

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