Pageant Tea! Was Miss USA Rigged?! Contestants Walk Off Stage As Miss Texas Is Crowned!

The tea is piping hot with this one!

Fans of Miss USA are now convinced this year’s pageant was rigged after Miss Texas R’Bonney Gabriel was crowned the winner! If you haven’t been paying attention to the beauty pageant circuit, the 71st Miss USA was crowned on Monday night, but the ceremony did not end with the kind of celebration viewers are used to! And now some think the whole thing was scripted!

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Most viewers were thrown off by the show’s final moments. Here’s what went down: after it was announced Miss Texas won, she quickly hugged the runner-up, Morgan Romano from North Carolina. However, she didn’t look that surprised by the reveal — almost as if she knew she was going to snag first place.

More shocking, the other contestants avoided congratulating R’Bonney (unlike years prior) and instead walked off the stage! Oh s**t! The winner was then forced to embark on her first walk as Miss USA 2022 while only the hosts congratulated her. Awkward!

Ch-ch-check out the now-viral moment for yourself (below)!

Oof! It’s def an odd moment!

Taking to social media after the cringe-worthy crowning, fans speculated about what could have been going wrong behind the scenes to cause the mess on screen. Take a look at the top theories:

“Well there goes another rigged #MissUSA”

“This is the oddest reaction ever… did she know she was winning? Most (literally any) girl would start sobbing”

“Even Miss Texas not surprised. Inclusivity helped with her being Asian American, particularly Filipino. Should help with Miss Universe.”

“As someone who competed in pageants, it’s DEFINITELY NOT jealousy… the other women not celebrating the winner means that she was not a pleasant person to be around, for whatever reason!”

“She must have been mean

A solid guess! But judging by another TikTokers sleuthing, it doesn’t seem like a mean girl attitude had anything to do with this! Attorney Martinez on TikTok broke down the pageant drama on Wednesday — and she had receipts!

In her first video about the controversy, she actually claimed “the contestants of Miss USA had reached out to [her]” and asked her to explain the drama! Referencing another unnamed Instagram user’s “receipts” on the matter, she argued Miss Texas won the contest because of money issues and a need for diversity.

The first thing that was noticeably odd throughout the contest, per the social media users, was the fact that R’Bonney was the only contestant her trainer The Miss Academy promoted, despite many women having worked with the company:

“Receipt #1: Despite there being multiple girls competing at Miss Texas USA 2022 who had trained with The Miss Academy, owned and operated by Crystle Stewart (President of Miss USA), this was the only constant they hyped up and shared leading up to the competition.”

Then, fans noticed the official Miss USA Instagram posted and deleted a clip of Miss Texas answering a question onstage — resulting in a controversy online and a public apology. The second receipt read:

“Despite there being 50 other contestants crowned this year, the official Miss USA Instagram decided to post only Texas’s onstage question and answer in a Reel that was quickly removed within an hour of being posted. It was then replaced with this half ass apology.”

Hmm. That is a bit strange.

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A bigger problem seems to be the fact there was basically no advertising for the show, which aired on FYI TV, and the IG user claims contestants had to pay for their own promotion.

“Advertisement was something the girls had to pay for and do the heavy lifting on. They sold ads to receive incentives and even paid to be featured on the official Miss USA social media accounts.”

The IG user continued:

“Name any company where the business doesn’t pay for advertising, it’s clients pay it. Hint: Pyramid Schemes.”


OK, OK, but how does this prove the race was rigged? Well, take a look at this final claim! Apparently, the winner received and embarked on a trip to NIZUC Resort & Spa in Cancun, Mexico immediately after she was crowned Miss USA… though it may have been preplanned. Attorney Martinez shared:

“How did they know to fly her out the very next day? It gets crazier. The partnership with this resort started in January. Texas was flown to the resort sometime in July/August and the video congratulating Miss USA debuted for the first time today, so, obviously, she prerecorded the video.”

Several other ads were seemingly preplanned, too! That seems SO sus!

Attorney Martinez went on to suggest the reason the winner was rigged is that the Miss USA pageant is losing relevancy as more and more people speak out against the way women are judged on their beauty. So, she believes those behind the scenes wanted to make sure Miss Texas won for the positive headlines since she is the pageant’s first Filipino American to win. Jeez.

Hear the full explanation (below).


Thank you to shecantech on IG for posting these receipts. #missusa #crown #misstexas #pageant #OverwatchMe #fyp #tea

♬ original sound – Attorney Martinez


My theory as to why miss USA was rigged #missusa #missusa2022 #pageant #OverwatchMe #andGO

♬ original sound – Attorney Martinez

Yeesh. If this is true, that’s f**ked up! We’re all for diversity — and there should be WAY more of that in the pageant scene — but faking the competition just to get better press isn’t cool! If something sketchy was going on, it’s unclear if the winner was in on it. Reactions?

[Image via R’Bonney Gabriel/Instagram]

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