Our Hearts! Amanda Kloots Says Son Starting To Ask ‘Where His Dad Is’ 2 Years After Nick Cordero’s Death

Amanda Kloots is at one of the most difficult points in any parenting journey. More than two years after Nick Cordero tragically passed away following a long battle with COVID-19, his son is beginning to wonder where he is.

During an interview on iHeartRadio’s The Important Things with Bobby Brown podcast last week, the 40-year-old explained that at the time of Nick’s death, their son Elvis was only 13 months old, so the ramifications didn’t really register for him. However, he’s now 3 years old and is beginning to ask questions like “where his dad is,” according to the Talk host. She explained: 

“I feel like that part of grief is going to start happening, where I have to now face his grief after dealing with mine for the last two years. Helping Elvis understand at this young age where dad is, why dad doesn’t live with us, what happened to dad. And it’s been really, really, really hard.”

We cannot even imagine… It must be so painful reopening that wound.

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But Amanda is doing her best. She revealed that when little Elvis asks about his dad, she tells him: 

“Dada lives in heaven with Jesus but he’s all around us all the time. And we can always talk to him, we can listen to him sing and he’s watching over us all the time.”

Awww… She added, implying it won’t always work:

“That’s what I’ve said so far.”

Interestingly enough, the mother revealed her son “says that he does” have memories of his late father, “which is crazy” to her: 

“I don’t know if that’s because we watch so many videos together of Nick or because I talk about Nick so much. But he does, he does say that and I love it. But it makes me wonder.”

This all comes just one month after the most difficult time for Amanda every year, who noted September marks her anniversary with Nick AND his birthday. She admitted:

“September always feels like a new start to me, feels more to me like a new year than January. And I think with all those events that are important, and with Elvis going to school, it was a hard month.”

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Ugh, our hearts truly do go out to her. She also noted the added stress of being Elvis’ only parent, explaining:

“You feel guilty every time you leave the house and he’s crying. It’s actually been really hard lately. I’ve had a lot of nights where I’ve cried and [thought] ‘This isn’t fair’ and ‘Life isn’t fair’ and ‘I shouldn’t be in this position.’”

She added that Elvis “doesn’t want me to leave the house,” and “doesn’t want babysitters to come over,” which makes it hard for the working mother to have much of a personal life, as we previously reported that she had begun attempting to date again, explaining on CBS Mornings back in May: 

“I want to love again. I want to have another person in my life. I want Elvis to have a father figure in his life.”

We hope time continues to heal and make things easier for the single mom. What are your thoughts, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments down below.

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