OMG! Tamar Braxton Was Rushed To The Hospital With A Severe Case Of The Flu!

Tamar Braxton is struggling to stay in good spirits right now as she battles a serious health scare.

On Thursday evening, the All The Way Home singer took to Instagram and revealed she had suddenly and scarily come down with the flu. Now, she’s warning others about staying safe and healthy during this tough time. And she’s being VERY honest about how this flu is “worse than COVID,” too. OMG!

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The 45-year-old singer explained how she was out doing holiday shopping with her friends. Suddenly, without warning, she began to feel very, very ill. Explaining bluntly how “this is an ATTENTION post” on her IG page, Braxton wrote about how she had to call an ambulance to rush her to the hospital for medical help:

“This isn’t an attention post… this is an ATTENTION post.. literally I was with my best friends @normankgyamfi and @wardellmalloy shopping and doing Christmas fun s**t and the VERY NEXT DAY I had to be taken to the hospital by AMBULANCE, needed oxygen cause I thought God was taking me home cause I could not breathe and my chest was on FIRE!!”

Oh, no!!

Immediately, first responders rushed her to an Atlanta-area hospital. Once there, as Tamar explained, doctors were thankfully able to get some of her symptoms under control. Still, even as they stabilized her and began a regimen of medicine, the sickness still knocked her off her feet — literally.

Once in her hospital bed, Tamar explained how she was diagnosed with the flu. As tests came back and doctors continued to work their magic, she struggled with the awful sickness. So, the 4-time Grammy-nominated musician made sure to let the world know that this ordeal was even more difficult to suffer through than COVID-19:

“yall, I have the FLU and let me tell u it’s worse than COVID in my opinion… I’m on 5 different medications… please be careful… I wasn’t around a lot people and have NO IDEA where it came from.. enjoy y’all holiday AT HOME.. u don’t want this .. oh yeah I’m completely isolated cause it’s hella contagious”

Oof. That sounds awful. We are so glad that she’s at least under great medical care now.

You can see her full carousel post showing her pre-flu fun with friends, as well as the awful story of its onset towards her hospitalization (below):

Down in the comments, Tamar’s followers sent their well wishes.

Adrienne Bailon, Tamar’s co-host on The Real, wrote that she was “praying for a quick recovery” for her peer. Tamar’s mom Evelyn added her own well wishes hoping her daughter will “get well soon.”

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And as you can see (below), some fans confirmed how they had also experienced a particularly brutal battle with the flu this winter:

“This year’s flu is DIFFERENT! Please take care of yourself. love you!”

“I got hit with it myself and I felt like I had been hit by a truck and the cough is horrible that comes with it”

“going through this currently and it’s NO JOKE! Def feel worse than when I had Covid.”

“I feel you I have the flu and I agree it’s worst then COVID”

“Awwww babe speedy recovery my prayers are up!”

“Get better baby girl! We need you”

So scary.

Sending love and best wishes for a speedy and full recovery!!

Thankfully for most folks post-vaccine COVID has been much, much more mild than before. Apparently enough so that the annual flu is even worse for many! Time to get that mask back on when around crowds! Stay safe out there, everyone!

[Image via Tamar Braxton/Instagram]

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