OMG Donald Trump’s Truth Social Is Being Investigated For Russian Money Laundering?!

It just never ends with this guy… And why not, since his followers have fully bought into the defense that every investigation into Donald Trump is just a massive conspiracy and all-capitals WITCH HUNT.

Speaking of which, the main social media source for takes defending Trump from his multiple criminal investigations is of course his own Truth Social network — you know, the one he made after being kicked off Twitter for continuously making the kind of false statements that incited the January 6 attack on the Capitol Building. Sure, you can find lots of Trump supporters on Twitter still, especially lately. But on Truth Social, it’s basically ALL people who will tell you “Russiagate was a hoax”. Sigh…

Well, in addition to all the other countless links to Russia, the many criminal convictions made in the investigation, including both of Russian nationals and of Trump team members like Roger StoneGeorge PapadopoulosMichael Flynn, and Rick Gates — there’s a new link between Trump and Russia: Truth Social itself!

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Well, to be more exact, Trump Media & Technology Group, the parent company of the right wing social media site. According to a bombshell report in The Guardian on Wednesday, New York prosecutors expanded a criminal probe into Trump Media to examine potential money laundering violations related to Russia.

Anonymous sources told the British outlet that when Trump Media was on the “brink of collapse” in December 2021, a loan of $2 million came in. And just two months later, another $8 million. The issue is where the money came from — Paxum Bank, which is co-owned by Anton Postolnikov. Should you know that name? Of course not. Not unless you’re really, really in the weeds of Russian politics. But according to the outlet, Postolnikov is related to Aleksandr Smirnov, who worked for Russian president Vladimir Putin until 2017. He now runs Russian-controlled maritime company Rosmorport, so he’s still right in there working for Putin.

It’s a pretty sus place to be getting money from. We’d say even Trumpers have to admit that, but tbh they probably won’t. But apparently Trump Media execs thought so. Whistleblower Will Wilkerson, a former executive with the company, allegedly told investigators everyone there was freaked and considered returning the money when they found out… but of course, it was money and they were in dire straits. So they took it anyway.

According to the report, there’s solid proof Donald Trump Jr. was aware of the loan as an email was sent to him keeping him “in the loop.” But of course Daddy Donald doesn’t use email. And once again, if anything comes of this, he’ll deny knowing anything about it. But will Jr go down? We’ll have to wait and see… again.

What do YOU think of this next Trump scandal??

[Image via ABC News/YouTube/Truth Social.]

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