Oh NO! Ambulance Seen Leaving Ben Affleck’s Estate Hours Before Jennifer Lopez’s Wedding Weekend Starts!

Yikes! Things are off to a very unsettling start for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s big wedding weekend!

The couple has been preparing to welcome their family and friends to the actor’s Riceboro, Georgia estate for a weekend-long wedding celebration, but on Friday, an ambulance was spotted leaving the premises!

According to DailyMail.com, preparations for the wedding festivities were abruptly halted at around noon on Friday to allow medical emergency personnel access to the estate. A source told the outlet Ben’s mother, Chris Anne Boldt, fell off a dock on her son’s property and cut her leg. Ben reportedly found her and called for an ambulance. All of this was happening while their star-studded guests were arriving, too! Apparently, one of their friends was even stopped by security while the paramedics dealt with the issue.

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In dramatic moments witnessed by the outlet, an ambulance sped onto the property at around noon, spent twenty minutes on the property, and then fled with the patient to the hospital, reportedly traveling up to speeds of 120 mph. OMG! The Liberty County emergency vehicle could also be seen leaving the estate followed by the Batman lead’s car. Thankfully, an insider revealed the injury was “not serious,” though it did require stitches.

In photos taken shortly after the incident, J.Lo could be seen arriving at the hospital in a very cute summer dress with a Christian Dior bag slung over her arm. Her hubby seemed to be holding up well, all things considered, as he took a cigarette break and paced around outside a building in shorts, a t-shirt, and a backward baseball hat. Shortly after, Chris was seen leaving the hospital in a wheelchair with gauze wrapped around her leg. See the dramatic photos HERE.

How frightening! We’re so glad the groom’s momma is okay!!

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So far, it doesn’t sound like the accident will disrupt the weekend plans. The couple is set to host a rehearsal dinner on Friday evening with the main event to take place on Saturday. They will end the festivities with a barbecue on Sunday.

Lopez’s mom, Guadalupe Rodríguez, was seen arriving at the Savannah Hilton Head International Airport on Thursday, but when asked by reporters how she was feeling about the wedding, she declined to comment. She and Jen have had a complicated past, but it’s so great to see them reuniting for the special day!

Ben’s younger brother Casey Affleck is expected in town for the celebration, but it’s unclear if he arrived in time to help out during his mother’s emergency. We are so glad this wasn’t a more serious incident and are wishing Chris all the best as she recovers!

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