NXIVM Sex Cult Leader Keith Raniere Predicts His Own Murder In Prison

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

NXIVM sex cult leader Keith Raniere is fearing for his life while behind bars — and he’s desperate for someone to come to his rescue!

As a reminder, Keith was sentenced to 120 years behind bars for alleged crimes including human trafficking, sex offenses, and fraud. He was the leader of NXIVM, a sex cult fronting as a so-called self-help group. He was sentenced in October 2021 and has been held in the United States Penitentiary, Tucson in Arizona ever since. He is now calling out the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) and USP Tuscan for alleged mistreatment — which he believes could lead to his death!

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In a new handwritten letter obtained by The US Sun on Thursday, Keith opened up about his time in prison while advocating for someone to stop a potential jail transfer. According to the criminal, he has been in solitary confinement for over seven months now alongside a  a violent “hermaphrodite” who has threatened to kill sex offenders… AKA him!

The affidavit began with Keith calling himself a “peace activist” and insisting he is “innocent” while explaining how he wound up behind bars, writing:

“A billionaire media mogul from Mexico, who is well-known to me (whose daughter was a leader in my organization), vowed to spend and do whatever was necessary to put me in prison for the rest of my life — and likely have me killed. Here I am.”

He then alleged the prison has “set” him up by putting him at risk of “planned harm” by housing him with a “dangerous” inmate, adding:

“Examine my current cell-mate placement: Toni Fly [William Anthony “Toni” Fly] is a known hermaphrodite. She has filed 75 PREA [Prison Rape Elimination Act] complaints on other inmates and also many on staff. BOP claims she is very violent and mentally unstable. BOP records will show she has threatened to kill any sex offender cell-mate with whom she is celled.

I am convicted as a sex offender. I am also said to be a sex cult leader and a threat to women. Why would USP Tucson house a violent, 75+ PREA, vulnerable to rape, vowed to kill sex- offenders, with me, an alleged sex offender, cult leader, and abuser of vulnerable women?”

PREA is the first federal law intended to deter the sexual assault of prisoners. Per court docs filed by Keith’s lawyer Stacy Scheff in September, Toni has claimed “on at least 75 separate occasions — that she has been the victim of sexual violence by others,” per the NY Post. Because of this, Keith fears he could be falsely accused of rape… if he’s not murdered first.

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Referencing notorious mobster Whitey Bulger, who was beaten to death in prison by a sock-wrapped padlock and a shiv in 2018, Raniere continued:

“Why was Whitey Bulger sent to an active yard? The sad answer is: planned harm.”

He continued:

“Another point of note: my cell-mate is the only known USP Tucson inmate with female genitalia (as reported by both BOP reports and inmates). Imagine having that in an institution with many, many male rapists and sex offenders.”

Keith’s fears aren’t totally out of left field. He’s also already allegedly been beaten up by a fellow sex-trafficker inmate, which is how he landed in the Special Housing Units. The 62-year-old is currently trying to stop a proposed transfer that would send him to one of the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ two Communication Management Units, both of which have been nicknamed Guantanamo North. The facilities, in either Marion, IL or Terre Haute, IN, house some of the most violent criminals and terrorists in the country. In his statement, he declared:

“Shipping me from USP Tucson, away from my attorneys, in a physically painful, potentially torturous process, into another potentially more dangerous environment foreign to me, is what is traditionally done by B.O.P. to silence and/or punish inmates. Please do not let me be silenced or shipped.”

He also used the letter to address reports that he and his cellmate had been forced to eat lunch in a room that had been smeared with human feces. While the Bureau of Prisons denied the claims, he insists they are lying, writing:

“I have heard the BOP has denied that my cell-mate and myself were held in a room with pungent, human feces smeared on the walls (19 hand strokes) and on the floor, for 4 hours, and forced therein to eat our lunch. The warden, SIA, and other officers specifically executed this. This denial is a verifiable lie. It is not only retaliatory, it is malicious and deplorable.”

Keith was sentenced to jail after prosecutors claimed he created a secret sorority within his controversial self-help group where female “slaves” were forced to turn over nude photos and other compromising materials that could be used for future blackmail if they ever tried to leave the cult. He was found guilty of acts of extortion, identity theft, and the production and possession of child pornography, but he is currently trying to appeal. He claims the child porn evidence was planted on his computer and insists his alleged mistreatment in jail is an effort to stop him from fighting back in court. You can read his full letter HERE. Thoughts? Let us know (below).

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