Not Just A Break! Tom Brady & Gisele Bündchen Confirmed To Be ‘Living Separately’!

Unfortunately, it seems like the rumored rift between Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen is growing deeper.

Of course, we’ve been reporting on allegations that the married couple is at odds over Tom returning to his NFL career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this fall. And while Gisele has been playing the part of supportive sports wife on social media, behind the scenes it’s apparently not going so well.

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Perezcious readers will recall how early this month, we reported Gisele was not living with Tom in Tampa. Rather, she’s been spotted in Miami, clear on the other side of Florida with the couple’s two children Benjamin, 14, and Vivian, 9. Now, according to new reporting, the separation is continuing.

On Thursday morning, CNN reported Tom and Gisele are currently “living separately.” The report is bare-bones, and doesn’t say much about where their respective homes might be, though presumably Tom is in Tampa since his season is ongoing. Most recently Gisele has reportedly been in NYC for Fashion Week. But this reporting makes it clear it isn’t just work keeping them apart.

The couple’s chemistry is feeling the distance. The CNN report cites a source who claims the pair is going through “marital issues” right now. We mean… we had gotten that already! But the key thing this time is the source of the report. CNN wouldn’t be citing a source they didn’t vet. This thing is legit, sadly.

Of course, Perezcious readers ought not be particularly surprised by this new report. Just a a few days ago, the 42-year-old supermodel spoke about her marriage in a cover story for Elle. The Brazilian beauty readily admitted she had “concerns” about her husband returning to football.

Hinting at problems with Tom’s un-retirement this year, Gisele told the mag:

“This is a very violent sport, and I have my children and I would like him to be more present. I have definitely had those conversations with him over and over again. But ultimately, I feel that everybody has to make a decision that works for [them]. He needs to follow his joy, too.”


And she’s not the only one speaking candidly about the University of Michigan alum’s endless pursuit of gridiron glory. Tom also spoke about retirement this week.

In the latest episode of his Let’s Go! podcast, which was released on Tuesday, Brady told co-host Jim Gray that two decades of NFL play have sapped some of the focus from his personal relationships. The quarterback said:

“I haven’t had a Christmas in 23 years and I haven’t had a Thanksgiving in 23 years, I haven’t celebrated birthdays with people that I care about that are born from August to late January. And I’m not able to be at funerals and I’m not able to be at weddings. I think there comes a point in your life where you say: ‘You know what? I’ve had my fill and it’s enough and time to go on, to move into other parts of life.’”

Soooo why did he come back for another year of football again?!

Regardless, he’s in the thick of it now. The Bucs are 1-0 after beating the Dallas Cowboys last week. This Sunday, they’re set to play in the Big Easy against the New Orleans Saints. Something tells us Gisele may not be there, though…

What do y’all think, Perezcious readers??

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