Nicki Minaj Accused Of Shoving Fan During London Meet-And-Greet Gone TOTALLY Wrong!

Nicki Minaj fan has accused the rapper of supposedly shoving him as he tried to get a selfie with her during a meet-and-greet event in London that went very, very wrong!

The event, which was held at Cafe Koko in the Camden Town area of the city on Monday, was forced to be canceled after unruly fans flooded the area. Despite social media pleas from Nicki herself to calm things down so the meeting could proceed, things went awry, and cops eventually told everybody to disperse! But not before this alleged push!!

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In a since-deleted TikTok video, a user on the social media app claimed they were “literally pushed” by the 39-year-old star. Screenshots and reposts of the video still circulating after its deletion, where the user can be seen taking a grainy shot of himself and a woman who appears to be Minaj within a large crowd of people. Along with the shot, the TikTok user wrote:

“Nicki Minaj literally pushed me omg”

In a later message in the comment section of the since-deleted clip, the user wrote to viewers that he was “just happy Nicki touched” him, and added:

“My fave literally touched me … Thank you Nicki for stopping by”


The video shows the person who appears to be Nicki saying something like “back up” to the fan before they appear to have been shoved out of the way amid the hectic crowd. You can watch the chaotic moment, reposted later to Twitter, go down HERE.


According to The Guardian, the meet-and-greet proved to be challenging from even before it began. While it was supposed to start around noon, “delays” kept Nicki from arriving until just before 6:00 p.m. local time on Monday evening.

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Crowds had swelled drastically by that point, and Cafe Koko staffers reportedly became “concerned about significant crowding outside” of the store prior to Nicki’s arrival. London cops were called, and a group of them eventually helped escort the rapper to the venue for safety reasons. She was clearly aware of the chaos, and tweeted at her Barbz asking them to remain orderly so the event could still happen:

“Guys, if you don’t get in a contained space they won’t let me get out the cars. Pls don’t run in the streets. Please get in 1 place. 1 line.”

Nicki also reposted some of the craziness on her Instagram account later on Monday, as well:

After Nicki’s arrival, things got even crazier, with her followers rushing towards the street and trying to swarm the cars that brought her.

The Guardian reports that London officers observing the scene were concerned with the overcrowding and ordered “a section 35 dispersal.” That order authorizes officers to clear a public area for “a period of up to 48 hours.” The police confirmed to the outlet that no arrests were made after the order was given, and things eventually died down after the meet-and-greet was nixed.

Sounds like everybody stayed relatively safe throughout, even as things got a little testy once Nicki came onto the scene. Still, what a crazy situation! Fandoms gonna fandom!!

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