Newlywed Pharmacist Murdered At Fiji Resort Was Beaten To Death In Bathroom

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

More information has been revealed about Christe Chen’s shocking Turtle Island death.

Last month we reported news of a Memphis, Tennessee couple that decided to spend their honeymoon at the exclusive Turtle Island Resort in Fiji which ended in a tragedy. At the time no information regarding the specific cause of Christe’s death was available — just that her husband, Bradley Robert Dawson, was maintaining his innocence.

However, in an exclusive tell-all shared with DailyMail, more details have now been revealed. Apparently the newlyweds had engaged in a “drunken argument” after he allegedly danced “inappropriately” with a fellow guest of a “family fun night” event the two were in attendance at. An anonymous witness explained:

“They were enjoying themselves and drinking quite a lot but towards the end they looked troubled.”

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The couple, who married three months after meeting in November 2021, then left the party and continued arguing on the beach before returning to their $3,500 a night bungalow around midnight. The anonymous witness added:

“Not long after that, guests in the bungalow next door said they heard arguing, a loud scream, and then silence.”

Never a good sign…

A personal butler would then arrive at the room on July 9 around midday — and it was then he found Christe dead, bloody, and jammed in a small space between the toilet and the wall. On the discovery, DailyMail explained:

“She had suffered multiple traumatic injuries to her body and shoulders, lacerations to her face and blunt force trauma to the head, according to a post-mortem exam report.”

A source revealed that the lid for the toilet’s tank was actually “cracked and broken.” Ronald Gordon, lawyer for the Chen family explained that the 36-year-old’s body was so badly damaged that her parents were forced to cremate her on the island as opposed to embalming her, as the fluid would have leaked out of the deep lacerations on both sides of her head and near her eyes.

How horrific!

As for Bradley, he was seen by an island watchman the night of Christe’s death walking the length of the beach. He had apparently left his gps watch and cell phone in the bungalow, which was paid for by his wife’s parents, but took off with his wallet and passport to flee 1.2 miles away to a different secluded beach on Matacawa Levu Island. Gordon suggested the 38-year-old was headed for the mainland as an attempt to escape Fiji altogether. However, he was found with cuts and bruises on his hands and feet around 3 p.m. on July 10th by local man Manoa Ratuele, who told DailyMail that Bradley had explained he used a kayak to leave the island after his fight with Christe. The alleged kayak was never found. Manoa explained that Dawson “appeared disturbed,” so he offered him help, adding:

“At first he kept refusing food and water and insisted he was ok, but I insisted he had some water and after that he said ‘Please, I need to call the police.’ He didn’t tell us he had killed his wife but I could still smell alcohol on him. He continued to repeat that ‘we had a fight’ and offered no start or end to that story, just kept saying ‘we had a fight.’”

So eerie…

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A Turtle Island Resort manager called Fiji Police after Christe’s body was discovered, who quickly went to apprehend Bradley on Matacawa Levu to take him to Lautoka on Fiji’s main island Viti Levu. This is where we had previously reported that Bradley refused to provide a DNA sample to authorities and was scheduled to appear in high court in late July, however the appearance has since been rescheduled to August 18.

Chen’s lawyer warned if Bradley was not held criminally liable, that they would take civil action against him and possibly Turtle Island resort as well, explaining:

The family will follow the proceedings to ensure justice is served for Christe given the horrific injuries she endured.”

Meanwhile, Bradley’s lawyer, Iqbal Khan revealed last week that his client was “too distraught” to talk about what happened, adding:

“Bradley’s okay now but he was really distressed when it happened. Last week he was in a desperate condition but he’s picking up now. It is a horrendous thing to happen on your honeymoon.”

What a gruesome death for poor Christe. We hope to see justice served on August 18. Let us know your thoughts on the case in the comments below.

R.I.P. Christe Chen.

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