New Video Shows Armie Hammer Selling Timeshares In The Cayman Islands Now?! Wait, What??

The last time we heard from Armie Hammer was just two days ago, when he was supposedly working as a concierge at a hotel in the Cayman Islands.

That story turned out to be an apparent prank that accidentally blew up on social media. Or, at least, that’s what everybody claimed at the time. But with the embattled actor having left Hollywood for a fresh start elsewhere, we don’t know what’s true any more!

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So imagine our confusion upon seeing a new report published by TMZ early on Saturday morning showing the actor working as a timeshare salesman in the Caymans! Wait, what?! A concierge and a timeshare salesman?? If this dude is pranking people with fake island jobs, he’s sure going to great lengths to do it!

The TMZ clip shows Armie “very much in salesman mode,” as the outlet notes. In it, he’s sitting with a couple in an office and going over the pricing for a timeshare unit on the island. The Social Network star was apparently hawking a plan to the couple that would cost $2,020 per week, according to the vid. Just a cool $21,000 for ten years of vacations! (With all the asterisks and exceptions and clauses that come with timeshare “ownership” too, we would guess…)

According to the news outlet, the salesman video in question is from last month. So it’s definitely possible this could have also been part of the actor’s recent prank along with the concierge thing? Or maybe Armie is just trying his hand at, like, a bunch of different things while he hangs out on Grand Cayman?? So many questions. We need more answers! LOLz!

As we’ve been reporting, the star continues to keep quiet following some pretty disturbing allegations made against him in the last couple of years. Once COVID hit, he went down to the Caymans for some privacy following the drama. And more recently, he’s been working on getting back to a good, healthy place in his life. That is certainly commendable, and would all be a step in the right direction, to say the least.

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Still, is he really working in the Caymans? Or if the concierge thing was truly phony, will it come out that this timeshare salesman act is, too?? BTW, you can see the video for yourself HERE.

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