NBA Star Tyler Herro’s Model Girlfriend Writes Cryptic Post About Cheating & Deletes His Pics!

On the court, Tyler Herro is as reliable as it gets. The Miami Heat star just won the Sixth Man of the Year award last month for being the best non-starting player in the entire NBA last season! In his personal life, as it turns out, maybe not so much…

The 22-year-old just became a father last year as he and girlfriend Katya Elise Henry welcomed a baby girl named Zya in September. Things seemed perfect from the outside… Now, not so much.

See, Katya — a model and fitness influencer who has nearly eight million followers on Instagram alone — has made some moves on her very popular social media accounts that have led fans to believe the couple may be dunzo, or at least on their way out. More specifically, they think Tyler has followed not just in the footsteps of previous Sixth Man winners Lamar Odom and James Harden but also in the ignominious steps of Tristan Thompson.

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Yuh. That boy cheated.

At least that’s the impression everyone is getting from Katya’s cryptic IG Story post from over the weekend, in which she wrote:

“If you cheat on someone that is willing to do anything for you, you actually cheated yourself out of loyalty.”

Damn. That’s pretty specific. She’s also posted some other very breakup-y sounding advice, such as:

“You are worth more than second thoughts and maybes.”


“Not everyone is going to think you’re gorgeous, amazing and magical. They’re wrong though.”


“You don’t outgrow others. Your new vibration outgrows the vibration of your old self. Your energy field configuration is different from before. You no longer resonate with those who only resonate with your old self. You naturally move into another timeline.”

Yeah, that’s breakup reassurance alright.

Even more telling, gurl UNFOLLOWED Tyler — and apparently scrubbed tons of photos of the two of them together from her social media, including one in celebration of his big win a few weeks ago.

For what it’s worth, Tyler has not mentioned anything about a breakup, nor has he taken down his own photos of the happy family back on Thanksgiving:

But this ain’t a “both turn your keys” situation. If she’s saying they broke up, they broke up. And while she hasn’t come out and said it exactly, she’s definitely hinting pretty heavily. So we don’t like their chances.

Well, damn. At least we know the boy is good at rebounds??

[Image via Tobin & Leroy/YouTube/Tyler Herro/Katya Elise Henry/Instagram.]

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