Mother’s Boyfriend Murders Her Teen Daughters — 12-Year-Old Girl Escapes Massacre With Baby

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

A Texas community is left reeling after a local man savagely murdered three innocent teenage girls — and then took his own life.

Saturday night, Harris County Sheriff’s Office officials responded to the 2000 block of 2nd Street in Galena Park, after receiving reports of a homicide situation. Upon investigation, it was discovered that Humberto Valdez-Saldana had shot and killed 19-year-old Sayuri Gil, who was six months pregnant, her younger sister, 13-year-old Melany Torres, and a friend of the girls, 14-year-old Laisha Perez, according to ABC 13. Valdez-Saldana was the boyfriend of Sayuri and Melany’s mother.

After he killed the three girls, the 38-year-old reportedly turned his attention to Sayuri and Melany’s 12-year-old sister, instructing her to “take off [her] clothes” before sexually assaulting her. Thankfully he spared her life, telling her to run away. Even in her distraught state the child was able to heroically grab her 1-year-old niece — the daughter of Sayuri — and flee to a neighbor’s house to get help, according to the sheriff’s office.

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Neighbors whose Ring security camera caught the 12-year-old running from the scene — still “without clothes” and with the infant in her arms — called Galena Park Police, before wrapping them both in blankets. The neighbor told ABC 13:

“We grabbed her because she was without clothes and carrying a baby in her arms and said, ‘My stepdad killed my sisters.’ My husband was going toward the house, and I said, ‘No.’ We grabbed her, brought her inside. We put blankets on her, and wrapped the baby. She was screaming, ‘He killed my friend. Why my friend? She had nothing to do with this. He also killed my sister and made me take off my clothes.’”

Sayuri and Melany’s mother was not home at the time of the murders. It’s unclear if Valdez-Saldana was violent toward her or the girls before this incident. As of now, investigators have not shared many details regarding his motive but say it may have had something to do with jealousy. There won’t be a chance to question him though, since he ultimately turned the gun on himself before law enforcement could arrive at the scene. Read more from Sheriff Ed Gonzalez‘s official Twitter thread (below): 


ABC 13 spoke with Valdez-Saldana’s ex-wife of 16 years, who revealed they had four children together, but that he was not in their lives — nor had he paid child support — after he began using drugs and alcohol.

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A GoFundMe, which you can visit HERE, has since been set up to help with the “horrible tragedy.” The organizer, the cousin of two of the victims, explains: 

“My aunt, the mother of the girls, is the sole provider of the home and is unable to work due to this and my 12y old cousin will need therapy.”

Our hearts are with the entire family during this nightmare of a time. We hope the 12-year-old is able to eventually work through some of the trauma in therapy — but thanks to her, a 1-year-old’s life was saved. Rest in peace to the three young girls who were taken from this earth far too soon.

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