Missing Dad’s Body Found Rolled In A Carpet 2 Weeks After His Disappearance

Such a heartbreaking end to this missing person’s case…

Nathan Millard (pictured above) of Covington, Georgia was on a work trip in Baton Rouge, Louisiana when some strange circumstances led to his disappearance. On February 22 the 42-year-old construction executive decided to attend a Louisiana State University basketball game with an unnamed client, then go for a drink at Happy’s Irish Pub to close out the evening. Sadly, this would be the last time anyone saw him alive.

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According to WBRZ, around 11:30 p.m. the bar had cut Millard off due to being too intoxicated. Surveillance video shows the dad of five stumbling out of the bar and walking back toward his hotel, Marriott Baton Rouge, which is about a two-minute walk from the pub. He would never make it back to his hotel room.

The unnamed client he saw the night before raised alarm when Millard didn’t show to the job site at 8 the next morning like they’d originally planned. By 9 a.m. the client decided to go to the hotel and request a wellness check, as the victim’s wife Amber Millard told 11Alive. The wellness check concluded he was nowhere to be found in the hotel premises, but soon after his wallet and phone were found a few blocks away. According to the missing dad’s friend Matt Still via Fox News Digital, police showed the family footage of someone using Millard’s debit card. The first transaction was reportedly a cash withdrawal while the last transaction was on the Saturday night following his disappearance. Since then the card has been frozen.

Sadly, Still said this is the only information the family has:

“They haven’t provided any footage … or any information other than that.”

Many Facebook search groups popped up to try and assist in finding the missing father, using surveillance footage released by the hotel to narrow down just what happened. On Monday, though, the community’s search would come to a tragic end. According to Houston-based missing persons search group Texas EquuSearch, Millard’s body was found early in the morning after someone driving by reported a “foul odor” in the area. The Georgia native was found rolled in carpet and wrapped in plastic in a vacant parking lot a few blocks away from where he was last seen. An autopsy is currently underway to determine his cause of death. Just awful…

His grief-stricken wife told WXIA on Wednesday she didn’t expect her final call with her husband to be the last time she’d ever see him:

“It was not anything I ever thought would be my last call. My mind has been going nonstop, but I can’t let my mind torture me.”

Millard leaves behind his wife, two teenage sons, two teenage stepsons, and a 7-year-old daughter.

Such a heartbreaking situation. We’re sending his family love and light. May he rest in peace.

[Image via Facebook/YouTube/Baton Rouge Marriott via 11Alive]

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