Missing Chicago Landlord Found Dismembered In Her OWN Freezer After Attempting To Evict Tenant

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

A Chicago woman has been apprehended after murdering and dismembering her landlord.

Authorities were called to the 5900-block of North Washtenaw Avenue last Monday for a well-being check at a residence. Tenants claimed to hear yelling and arguing coming from their landlord Frances Walker’s bedroom the night before, and then couldn’t get a hold of her afterwards. Walker owned a home and rented out rooms to women in need, one of which being Sandra Kolalou, who police say had a history of violence. Apparently, one renter reported an attack from Kolalou last January, in which the 36-year-old tried to kill her. The victim explained to WKRG:

“She got on top of me, she put her hand over my nose, squeezed it shut. Put her other hand over my mouth, closed it shut. Tried to kill me.”

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She explained she had just taken out her asthma inhaler, and Kolalou attempted to push it down her throat, all while allegedly singing:

“I’m a doctor, I can kill you. I’m a doctor, I can help you.”

The victim eventually got free, and Kolalou was charged with assault and taken to a psychiatric hospital, but was later acquitted. Unfortunately, this time she had apparently just been served with an eviction notice by Walker days before cops were called to the scene, “due to ongoing conflict between the defendant and other tenants,” according to the prosecutor.

According to ABC 7 Chicago, when tenants received a message from Walker’s phone, explaining if they moved out to inform Kolalou, who would be caring for her dogs, they got worried and called for the well-being check. When police arrived, they were told by residents who were “afraid” of the suspect that she had been spotted lugging around “a large black garbage bag,” but during an inspection of her room, found no “incriminating” evidence. From there, she left in a tow truck she had already called and headed for Foster Avenue Beach with the garbage bag.

The tow truck driver later revealed to the outlet Kolalou began talking about her argument with the 69-year-old landlord before he received a call from a fellow tenant (he gave out business cards while waiting for her), explaining the woman “must have done something” to Walker, and to inform her if she did anything “suspicious.” He recalled seeing her empty the trash bag into a garbage can at the beach, which he informed the worried tenant of, who told police, who then began following the tow truck. He explained Kolalou paid him with Walker’s credit card, which he noted gave him a “feeling that something is going to happen to me.”

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She then became violent towards the driver, threatening him with a pocket knife, which he fought off with a stick. Authorities apprehended her, and discovered bloody towels in the garbage bag she had attempted to dispose of, and back at Walker’s residence, a bloody nightmare. Dismembered limbs AND Walker’s head were found in the first floor freezer, while her bedroom was allegedly COVERED in blood, although her torso was not found. Authorities later found Walker’s phone in Kolalou’s room. Chicago Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan announced Wednesday morning she had been charged with first-degree murder, as well as concealment of a homicide. During a Thursday court appearance, she was ordered to be held without bail at Cook County Jail. She is due back in court October 31. See more (below):

Absolutely wild. We are sending strength to Walker’s family and those tenants during this disturbing time.

[Images via Cook County Sheriff’s Office & ABC 7 Chicago/YouTube]

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