Miley Cyrus’ New Song Is Reigniting THOSE Rumors About Liam Hemsworth Cheating!

Miley Cyrus isn’t done with her Endless Summer Vacation yet — and she’s got more to say about her ex-hubby Liam Hemsworth!

The 30-year-old’s eighth studio album just dropped, and after already giving her ex the birthday gift of a lifetime in the form of her single Flowers, it would seem she’s addressing a past relationship again in her song Muddy Feet featuring Sia. Not only is she addressing her love life, listeners of the new bop are convinced she’s talking about Liam!

Ch-ch-check out the lyrics (below):

“And you smell like perfume that I didn’t purchase / Now I know why you’ve been closing the curtains / Get the f**k out of my house”


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The lyrics continue (and get more aggressive):

“I don’t know / Who the hell you think you’re messin’ with / Get the f**k out of my house with that s**t / Get the f**k out of my life with that s**t.”

Damn! She isn’t playing around!

In the chorus of the song, Miley mentions the subject keeps “comin’ ’round” with his “muddy feet” — and that she’s going to “do [something] ’bout it.”

Listen to the song for yourself (below):

Fans swarmed social media with their theories and conclusions about why they think this song is about Liam cheating — and we have to say, they’ve got some pretty interesting takes!

See a few reactions to the song (below):

“Did Miley just confirm that Liam cheated on her multiples times at her house on #MuddyFeet omg

Can you imagine being liam and listening to muddy feet

Muddy Feet Ft. Sia, I love this song so much. The moment she knows Liam is cheating on her. hahaha Endless Summer Vacation

There are 12 tracks and a demo on Miley’s new album, representing the twelve women Liam cheated on her with, and herself, which he treated like a practice run

How TF Miley stayed with Liam that long when all he did was cheat?! I don’t understand”

Not only are the rumors that The Hunger Games actor cheated resurfacing, there’s also theories spreading he cheated with over a dozen different women:

“Where did the Liam cheated with 14 women come from? I ain’t defending him, will always defend my girl miley I’m just wondering if the Internet made it up?

Where are people getting this ‘Liam cheated on Miley with 14 women’ from cause Miley literally said nobody cheated and 14 is such a specific number”

The number 14 is very specific, but it seems like The Climb songstress wants us to pay attention to it! She featured 14 men in her video for her new single River (which you can see below), as well as wore a gown to a Versace fashion show with 14 stripes on it. Hmm…

What do U think, Perezcious readers? Is Miley sending her fans hints as to what really happened in her rocky relationship with Liam? Let us know in the comments (below).

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