Melania Trump Is DONE With Donald’s Political Career!

Donald Trump may never give up on politics — he said months ago he’d keep running for president even if he got indicted, which obviously just happened. But it doesn’t mean everyone in his life is on board!

We already know his favorite child Ivanka Trump has left Daddy’s side. We guess after profiting tremendously from her time in the White House, she’d rather take all that China money and disappear? It would make sense she’s no longer interested in all the bad press? That or she doesn’t want to be connected to a losing ticket?

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But for the other woman in his life, the former actual First Lady, the distancing seems a lot more personal. Because Melania Trump really doesn’t want anything to do with Donny and his politics anymore! A source spilled to People on Monday:

“Melania is not now or hasn’t recently taken part in her husband’s political events. It is not comfortable for her.”

Unclear if this is the same source, but someone previously told the outlet Melania is still hugely pissed off about the whole Stormy Daniels thing — the cheating, not the hush money payments and criminal aspect of the whole debacle. Understandable considering she was home with the man’s newborn while he was having unprotected sex with a porn star. That’s a tough one to forgive. As such, with her fury and embarrassment over it, that source said she “doesn’t sympathize with Donald’s plight” in his latest legal battle — and that she “doesn’t want to hear” it mentioned around her.

This insider says she’s so adamant about not being involved she can come across as… well, they didn’t use the word “mean” but:

“Melania can be aloof and not particularly friendly because she simply wants to be left alone.”

The source maintained the FFLOTUS will keep off the stage as Don continues his attempts to bully his way back to the presidency:

“At this stage of her life she does not want to be in the spotlight… Melania’s normally quiet and in the background manner has served her well in the series of scandals plaguing her husband. I assume this will continue.”

So let’s say, just as an unfun thought experiment, that Trump wins the primary and becomes the Republican nominee for 2024. He is the frontrunner, after all. Are they telling us, Melania is going to keep this up? That she just won’t appear by his side, she won’t move back to the White House, she’ll just sit in silence at Mar-a-Lago sipping mai tais? How will conservative pundits spin that? “Oh it’s not that she’s more upset than anyone else about the whole Stormy Daniels thing, it’s that she’s too afraid of being a victim of the left’s smear campaigns”?

Damn, actually, remember we called that just in case…

It may not seem like a big deal, but Melania standing by her man after the Access Hollywood tape dropped was a big part of him rebounding from a scandal that should have sunk his campaign. Then again, we’re probably past that. The cult has grown to the point where if it happened today, they’d just say “grab ’em by the p***y” was a deepfake created by George Soros.

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The office of Melania Trump actually commented on all these claims from People‘s sources, saying:

“People should read stories about Mrs. Trump and her feelings with caution, especially those citing sources that are anyone but Mrs. Trump.”

So we shouldn’t assume by her lack of public appearances and personal statements that she wants to avoid public appearances and personal statements? Sure.

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Is Melania really just DONE with all of this?

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