Meghan McCain’s The View Replacement Is A Literal Trump Aide

Well, The View has finally found its full-time replacement for Meghan McCain after nearly a year of rotating guest hosts.

As far as time on the show goes, we had mixed feelings on John McCain‘s daughter. On the one hand, she was a Republican who was pro-LGBT and actually had the integrity to preach about the dangers of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. She was also wildly entertaining at times, with her meme-worthy humor and aggressive Real Housewives-like banter.

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On the other hand, she represents a lot of the worst parts of conservatism as well. She’s dangerously dismissive of climate change. She married into the not-so-secret society that has been working to pack the courts with the type of people who want to overturn Roe v Wade and more. But ultimately, she just wasn’t great at the format!

In an era where it would be so healthy to show liberals and conservatives finding common ground on daytime TV, she almost always refused to give an inch — and unfortunately that often meant not listening to what others were saying, turning what should be a discussion into another pointless pundit shouting match. There was also a major persecution complex going on — one that more or less became a self-fulfilling prophecy as more and more co-hosts grew tired of the rudeness.

No wonder it took ABC so long to replace her, right? LOLz!

But as uncomfortable as that was to watch, it might be even worse now…

Clearly they had their hearts set on a CAPITAL R Republican for their full-time conservative seat because they’re going with someone who was an actual aide to Trump: Alyssa Farah Griffin!

Alyssa worked for the Trump administration for over three years, as press secretary to Mike Pence from 2017 to 2019 and as White House Director of Strategic Communications and Assistant to President Donald Trump in 2020 — a prestigious position save for it being to this particular POTUS. She resigned in December 2020, getting out just before the January 6 attack. So she’s awfully close to one of the country’s Hottest Topics herself as so many of her former colleagues from the West Wing are testifying right now about whether her former boss committed seditious conspiracy. No, she wasn’t there when he refused to condemn his followers for attacking the Capitol or even to ask them to stop. But by the skin of her teeth.

It’s important to note Alyssa did condemn the attacks and even blamed Trump. But that was as soon as she was off the payroll, like so many.

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She’s been a guest four times alongside Whoopi GoldbergJoy Behar, and the rest in recent months, but the choice to make such a problematic figure the full-time replacement is already ruffling some feathers!

This isn’t official yet, but multiple credible sources are reporting the announcement is imminent. An insider who was close to the final discussions told, who was first to report the decision:

“My jaw dropped when I was told that she was the pick. It makes no sense. Part of me wishes they just leaned into MAGA and hired Kimberly Guilfoyle, at least it would better reflect part of the audience and there would be fireworks every day.”

We’ve had that, y’all. There’s a reason we don’t shoot off fireworks every day, y’all. It just becomes noise…

Another source told DM:

“Her soon to be co-hosts are very upset. They feel she isn’t authentic and changes her opinions based on who her paymaster is.”

The most upset? Republican Ana Navarro, who also rebuked Trump strongly and has been a much more reasonable presence. But for some reason she was never picked to be the face of conservatives on the show. Something about her, we guess… (Yes, we’re guessing racism.) The source said Navarro “especially feels let down as they are hiring someone who was an essential part of the movement that destabilized this country.” They continued:

“Alyssa’s family is also problematic. Her father Joseph founded WorldNetDaily, a website that promotes conspiracy theories. It’s terrifying.”

Yeesh. The widespread embrace of conspiracy theories is tearing our country apart at the macro AND the micro level as more and more ignore facts in favor of disturbing nonsense.

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A third source warned:

“Her appointment will also cost us bookings. Wanda Sykes pulled out because she didn’t want to be on the show with her.”

Hmm. It kind of sounds like they do want fireworks every day again — even if it means all the fire burns some bridges.

What do YOU think of the controversial casting choice??

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