Meghan Markle’s Tense Exchange With Royal Aides Over Flower Bouquet Divides Fans — Here’s Why!

Once again, Meghan Markle has found herself at the center of controversy! This time, the drama all centers on… a bouquet of flowers.

As we reported, the Suits alum and her husband Prince Harry made a surprise appearance alongside Prince William and Princess Catherine AKA Kate Middleton outside of Windsor Castle on Saturday to pay their respects and view Queen Elizabeth II‘s memorial. But during the appearance, while the famous couples were greeting the crowd which had gathered outside the castle, Meghan’s awkward encounter with royal aides sparked a massive debate among viewers!

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In a video captured by one Twitter user, the mother of two was spotted outside of Windsor Castle holding flowers, likely given to her from a mourner in the crowd. A royal aide approached the Duchess of Sussex and seemingly asked to take the flowers from her, but she appeared to decline, reportedly telling aides she was going to place the flowers by the Queen’s memorial herself. She then turned back to the crowd.

What’s the problem? Well, in another video, another royal aide is seen approaching Harry, again about a bundle of flowers he was holding. He handed them over without protest, but things escalated when the aide tried to take Meghan’s. While the Archetypes podcast host appeared to resist, she ultimately gave up the floral arrangement after a brief conversation, during which the aide likely explained why she couldn’t hold on to the gift from the public. The Twitter user captioned the post:

“The big guns had to step in when Meghan refused to let go of the flowers the first aide tried to take from her as she herself wanted to walk them over to the other tributes”

Check out the interactions for yourself (below).

Oof! You can feel the tension!

As to be expected, viewers had lots of hot takes on the situation! For the most part, people were thrilled the royal aides stepped in — but not for the reasons you might be thinking! Many trolls believe the 41-year-old only wanted to hold onto the flowers so she could ultimately earn herself some positive press — and they’re glad she didn’t get the chance to use the sad moment to her advantage! Haters wrote:

“She wanted it for the optics but it got squashed by people who know exactly what she’s trying to achieve. I’m thinking so she gets the money shot when she places the flowers down with the other floral tributes.”

“She probably wanted to be captured and filmed when she walks alone put flowers over there and put an action. Actually, if you think about it, she really is a narcissist, always trying to make everything about her in every occasion! Glad she was stopped!”

“She is absolutely classless, as simple as that”


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Would royal aides really take the flowers away to stop Meghan from getting a photo?? Do they care that much about her (potentially) trying to get some good press? Also, wasn’t good PR the whole point of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge inviting the couple along for the memorial appearance anyway?

Plenty of fans were equally doubtful about the new controversy, writing:

“Can’t believe the Meghan bashing has started already, it’s the first time she’s experienced this and was doing her best she probably promised to lay the flowers down herself and that’s what she was going to do till told by Harry it’s alright to pass them over.”

“Oh my God……STOP IT!!!! Leave this poor woman alone. Take a breath…..this will play out as it will play out. Be glad the whole world isn’t weighing in on every move YOU make. Enough already.”

Another person guessed the arrangements were taken for safety purposes, adding:

“She probably didn’t understand that the flowers are taken off them for safety purposes. After all there could be a small explosive device, nerve gas, a poisonous insect, any number of things, concealed in them.”

Makes sense! The royal family has plenty of haters. It’s important for them to prioritize their safety in large gatherings, even while paying their respects. But what do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Why were the flowers taken? Was Meghan being weird about it? Sound OFF (below)!

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