Meghan Markle Slams Racist UK Press For Calling Her ‘Children The N-Word’

Meghan Markle is speaking about her time in the public eye regarding royal family duties and the experiences she had with the British media along the way.

The 41-year-old mom of two spoke to The Cut for a cover story interview published on Monday morning. In it, she opened up about some of her frustrations with how the media covered her and husband Prince Harry‘s life. But more concerning, she also shared her reaction to some unsettling attention directed at her children.

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In the interview, the Suits alum explained the antiquated process behind sharing pictures and content in the royal family. While active with the British royal group, Meghan was expected to give pictures of her now 3-year-old son Archie to the Royal Rota — the press pool that covers Queen Elizabeth II‘s famous family.

Except Harry’s wife alleged that dismissive remarks from reporters and disturbing online bullying from readers created a hostile atmosphere. The Deal Or No Deal alum stated:

“There’s literally a structure. Why would I give the very people that are calling my children the N-word a photo of my child before I can share it with the people that love my child?”


Truly just despicable. The former TV star, who is biracial herself, added:

“You tell me how that makes sense and then I’ll play that game.”

Not a bad point…

Of course, 1-year-old Lilibet‘s parents eventually branched out a bit from the Royal Rota process with their own @SussexRoyal account on Instagram for a time. That account went dormant after the couple walked away from royal duties early in 2021, though. But now, Meghan used The Cut to tease an upcoming IG return. Oooh!!! We wonder how different it will be from her prior social media work in that official capacity.

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Speaking of future projects, Meghan explained a little (really little) bit about her and Harry’s Netflix plans. While she wouldn’t reveal too much about the deal or her content plans going forward, it sounds like things aren’t going to focus too closely on the reality TV aspects of the genre. Harry features only very briefly in the piece, but he did say this regarding the couple’s future production goals relative to living such a public life:

“With everyone weighing in. If you do something, they criticize you. If you don’t do anything, they criticize you anyway. It’s a lot, but…”

No kidding! As for Meghan, she’s looking to put a positive spin on the couple’s love connection:

“The piece of my life I haven’t been able to share, that people haven’t been able to see, is our love story. [It is] resounding knowing that, above all, love wins. I hope that is the sentiment that people feel when they see any of the content or the projects that we are working on.”

And when pressed for more details about that potential love story show, the former royal expertly teased the confusion. Through it all, it sounds like Meghan is enjoying being able to tell her story in her own way:

“What’s so funny is I’m not trying to be cagey. I don’t read any press. So I don’t know what’s confirmed. … When the media has shaped the story around you, it’s really nice to be able to tell your own story.”

Well then. You can read Meghan’s entire interview on The Cut HERE. What do U think, Perezcious readers??

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