Megan Fox ‘Still Upset’ With MGK — But ‘Not Giving Up’ On Relationship Yet?

No, Megan Fox has not broken up with Machine Gun Kelly. Not yet anyway. For not it seems she’s still holding onto the relationship — even after those serious social media cheating implications!

A source told People on Friday the couple “are working through their issues and haven’t split.” The insider maintained:

“Megan is still upset but is not giving up on their relationship,”

Still upset about what exactly? That hasn’t been confirmed…

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The Transformers alum posted a video earlier this week where she appeared to be burning a letter — but it was the caption that caught the internet’s attention, as she repurposed some lyrics from Beyoncé‘s Pray You Catch Me off of Lemonade — an album all about confronting her cheating husband. Megan wrote:

“You can taste the dishonesty/ it’s all over your breath”

There’s cryptic and then there’s obvious! The caption got fans riled up, of course, with some even making guesses as to whom MGK cheated with! (And his hot guitarist Sophie Lloyd is NOT happy about the suggestions!) Then Megan went a step further by unfollowing MGK’s account, following his nemesis Eminem, and then just deleting her whole feed.

When it was reported Megan had taken her engagement ring off — a physically painful process because Colson had designed it to have spikes — everyone figured they were dunzo. But then they were spotted at a marriage counseling office, and suddenly things were not so certain! Well, according to this source, that’s because the Jennifer’s Body actress just isn’t willing to let go of her “twin flame” just yet — nor does MGK:

“He feels the same way. They are getting professional help because they want things to work out.”

Wow, they really are getting counseling! Does that help with straight-up betrayal? Because that’s definitely how she made this all sound. That’s not a lack of communication or failure to make “I feel” statements. Cheating is a whole different ballgame. Right?

Well, Megan apparently doesn’t care, she’s going to try anything to fix this. Another source told the outlet earlier in the week she’s willing to go hard to save her engagement:

“She was never one to casually date. She is with him because she believes it’s a long-term relationship. She isn’t just gonna give up on their relationship.”

It’s not just up to her, though, is it? This new insider says Colson feels the same way… so then why did he do… whatever it is he did?

What do YOU think, Perezcious relationship experts? Do these two have a chance of staying together??

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