Matthew Perry Says Salma Hayek Gave ‘Nonsense’ Acting Advice While Working On Fools Rush In Together!

Matthew Perry continues to spill juicy details about his fellow stars!

As we’ve seen, the 53-year-old actor didn’t hesitate to name-drop high-profile celebs in his new memoir Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing – such as Keanu Reeves, whom he brutally questioned why the John Wick star even still walked among us. Yeesh!

However, Matthew did tell People there was no beef with Keanu and that he just “chose a random name.” He also detailed a heavy lip lock he had with Valerie Bertinelli while her husband, Eddie Van Halen, was passed out on the couch a few feet away. Uhh..

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But Matthew didn’t stop there! Another excerpt from the book saw the Friends alum opening up about another encounter he had during his career – this time with Salma Hayek. According to Entertainment Weekly, Matthew talked about shooting his first big movie, the 1997 project Fools Rush In, with Salma. In case you didn’t know, the Andy Tennant-directed film follows characters Alex and Isabel who get hitched after a one night stand results in accidental pregnancy. As you can expect from a romantic comedy, the two eventually fall in love. Ch-ch-check out the trailer (below) for a refresher:

So to prepare for the movie, Matthew said he would come up with “some fun strategies to tap into real feelings and to be more of a leading man than a funny sitcom actor.” But he wasn’t the only one with some ideas! The 17 Again star recounted how Salma also had a few suggestions to get into character at times, recalling:

“Salma had tried her best, too — she came into my trailer at the start of the shoot and said, ‘Let’s just spoon a little bit.’ I did my best Chandler impression — the double-take-and-sardonic- stare thing — and said, ‘Oh, OK! Let’s just spoon a little bit!’”

While the Eternals actress had a “very elaborate and lengthy idea” on how to tackle a scene, Matthew shared he sometimes felt “her long-winded ideas weren’t always helpful.” Ouch. He wrote in the memoir:

“There’s one scene in which I’m professing my love for her. She suggested that we don’t look at each other — rather, we should look out at our future together. After listening to this nonsense for about twenty minutes, I finally said: ‘Listen, Salma,’ I said, ‘I’m telling you I love you in this scene. You look wherever you want, but I’m going to be looking at you.’”

We mean, that makes sense for the scene!

But beyond the unhelpful advice, Matthew noted he had some good times on the film – even calling it “probably my best movie.” He specifically gushed about Andy as “a very smart and incredibly nice guy,” adding that his tips pulled out the “best performances” of his career:

“I was bouncing around doing my funny little things, and [Tennant] would take me aside and say, ‘You don’t have to do that. You’re interesting enough to watch without doing that.’ That line of thinking allowed him to pull out of me one of the best performances of my career. Could this be a different way of saying Matty, you’re enough, the words I’ve been longing to hear my entire life?”

Wonder how Salma feels about Matthew’s confession about her lengthy ideas… Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below!

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