Marty The Kitty Has Sadly Died — Twitter Reacts

All pet owners know how a little furry (or scaly) friend can change your life — and Marty the cat is no exception.

On Wednesday, 39-year-old musician Will Menaker took to Twitter to express his grief over the loss of his cat. In an emotional statement, he wrote about his first encounter with Marty:

“In 2017, when I lived on Quincy St. in Bed Stuy a street cat began following Katherine and I home at night. He would emerge from under a car and approach us, allowing us to pet him and eventually following us up the steps to my apartment. One night coming home alone, and a little drunk, I wondered how I was going to shut the door on this cat if I see him again? I’d never had a cat before, but it was around Thanksgiving and it was getting cold out. Sure enough he was there waiting for me, so I asked myself, ‘what would happen if I picked him up?’ Then I picked him up and thought ‘what would happen if I took him inside?’ I did, and from that moment on I was in love. I won’t say I ‘had’ a cat, but from then on I shared a house with a tuxedo cat I would name Marty.”

Aww! If you’ve ever had a cat, you know the house is definitely “shared” with them.

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Will went on to describe how Marty lived with him through very transitional periods in his life, including the end of a relationship and start of a new one. But sadly, on Tuesday, his beloved kitty crossed the rainbow bridge:

“Yesterday, we had to say goodbye. After months of trying to treat a cancer that he had been suffering from, he had enough. He stopped eating and drinking entirely and by then had wasted away to weighing almost nothing. He was struggling to breathe and began hiding himself away under the couch to die, so Katherine and I decided to make the only decision we could on his behalf. He went to sleep in our house and in my arms. I know this is a small tragedy in the grand scheme of the world, but one that I feel acutely knowing that I expected many more years with my friend. We are heartbroken but very grateful for the years that we did have him in our lives.”

He ended his post by saying he hopes one day he’ll see his cat again on the other side, writing in conclusion:

“Goodbye Marty, I’ll miss you terribly.”

Such a tear-jerking read! The love between a pet and their owner is truly unique…

You can see the full post (below):

At the time of writing this, Will’s tweet has nearly 30,000 likes and #RIPMarty is one of the top trending terms on social media with many condolences and stories being shared with the hashtag.

Ch-ch-check out some reactions (below):

“How every cat should be remembered. RIP Marty.”

“Taking in an animal and loving them, caring for them, is one of the greatest acts of compassion in this world. RIP Marty, you lived a good life, and you were very clearly loved.”

“I don’t rescue these cats, they rescued me. RIP Marty”

“And every once in a while we are reminded how utterly magnificent Twitter can be. RIP Marty; say hi to Leo for me…”

“I made the mistake of clicking on RIP Marty. I have a tuxedo cat too. His name is Beau. He’s probably 15 years old now at least. Excuse me while I go pick him up and sob into his fur.”

One user summed up all of our feelings about the situation pretty well, writing:

“Sees “RIP Marty” trending. Clicks to see which Marty. Reads about Marty the kitty. Sobs Marty was a good kitty.”

Such a bittersweet moment, we’re definitely going to go hug our pets now! Rest in peace, Marty.

[Image via Will Menaker/Twitter]

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