Married At First Sight’s Chris Collette Reveals He’s Dating THIS Co-Star After Divorce!

One of the fan favorites on season 14 of Married At First Sight has a new love interest in his life… and she’s very familiar to regular viewers of the show!

Chris Collette‘s relationship with Alyssa Ellman didn’t work out in the Boston turn of the hit reality TV show this season, but an early look at this week’s episode indicates the realtor is already open to love again! And he’s pursuing a romantic connection with a star of a previous season of the show!!

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In a first look at MAFS‘ forthcoming new ep., The Sun revealed on Wednesday night that the 35-year-old newly-single man is now dating Olivia Cornu!!

Of course, viewers should recognize Cornu’s name — she appeared on season 11 of the show, which was filmed down in New Orleans, when she married (and later split from) Brett Lindsey!

<i>Married At First Sight</i> Alum Chris Collette Reveals He's Dating THIS Co-Star After Divorce!
Surprise! It’s Olivia! She was termed “Ms. Sugar and Spice” during season 11 by the experts! / (c) Lifetime/YouTube

In the new teaser reported by the news outlet, Chris sits down with fellow Boston cast members Mark Maher and Steve Moy to reveal his new mutual connection with Olivia.

Mark popped the question first, asking Chris if he’d moved on to any new love interest following his split from the 30-year-old Ellman:

“Are you talking to anyone? Is there anyone you find interesting?”

Underselling it at first, Chris replied:

“Just a little bit, yeah. There’s someone I’m talking to. You actually probably know who she is.”

As Mark and Steve leaned in on the (literal!) edges of their seats, Chris dropped the big reveal:

“It’s Olivia. She’s from the New Orleans season.”

Oh boy!

Cameras then cut to a confessional, where Chris explained:

“Olivia and I are talking. We’ve talked a little bit online, although we haven’t met in-person yet, so later this week I am flying her up to Boston. We can go on a true, regular, normal first date.”


That’s a big step. Of course, all this came about after both Chris and Olivia married other people completely sight-unseen for a shot at love on a television show, so they are both used to big steps. LOLz! Back in the room with Mark and Steve, Chris acknowledged that flying Olivia to Beantown was an important milestone:

“Flying someone halfway across the country is an investment and there’s some nerves there.”

Optimistically, Mark shared his take on the new romantic pursuit:

“I think it will be good for you.”

And Chris clearly has a thing for Cornu already, even without meeting her in person. He told his pals:

“She strikes me as smart, grounded, practical, beautiful. So for me, it seems like a no-brainer.”

Always a good start! Mark replied with his own thoughts about Olivia’s prior MAFS run down in the Big Easy:

“I remember her from that season and she seemed well put together from a mature side, professional side, wanted to get married, good qualities and similar interests to you. I think you guys will hit it off.”

At the end of the clip, Chris summed it all up with a very simple wish:

“I hope it goes well.”

We hope so, too! That’s for sure! Reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Lifetime/YouTube]

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