Married At First Sight’s Briana & Vincent Are Expecting Their First Child!

Married At First Sight stars Briana Myles and Vincent Morales are expecting their first child together!

In case you aren’t familiar, Briana and Vincent were “married at first sight” on season 12 of the hit Lifetime show. She’s an engineer who was looking for her soulmate, and he was a hard worker looking to start a family. And they found one another thanks to reality TV!

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Quickly the couple became fan favorites when they instantly clicked. Their relationship progressed throughout the season and not only didn’t fall apart — it grew deeper! In an exclusive with E! News last year, the newlywed wife said about her husband:

“When I first saw him, I thought ‘his smile is gorgeous’ and then from there, we both had a good vibe. His family was great and I think if someone’s family is great, it makes him even more attractive…There was attraction at first sight, not just physical.”

The groom was just as in love with his bride, too! As he added:

“Right after we met, I realized why we were matching. Everything was flowing. Everything seemed natural. Nothing was being pushed. We had an amazing time and we were having fun…It took off from there.”

The pair is the best-case scenario for the television drama, as only 13 of the 54 couples that have been married over the 15 seasons have stayed together! (That’s less than 25%!) They definitely defied the odds and stole everyone’s hearts. And now they have even bigger news to share — they’re expecting!

In an adorable co-Instagram post on Wednesday, the couple (who have been married for over a year now) shared a gorgeous maternity photo captioned:

“The Sweetest Love

We can’t wait to meet you little one!

#babyloading #pregnancyannouncement #meettheparents #purestlove”

So adorable! Ch-ch-check out the post (below):

In an exclusive interview with People, Briana gushed that she’s “beyond grateful and excited” for the arrival of her first child:

“I’m beyond grateful and excited for my new title, Mommy! The fact that God chose me to be a parent is remarkable.”

The soon-to-be mother added candidly that like most new parents she is constantly worrying about “what ifs”:

“Although I’m scared as heck to give birth and constantly think about the ‘what ifs’ due to health issues, I’m overly excited to bring new life into the world.”

She’s not letting her worries get her down, though. She’s super excited for her MAFS husband to be a dad:

“I just know this baby will be the highlight of his life! We’ve been waiting on this moment and it’s finally in sight!”


Vincent agreed and expressed his own excitement for his journey into fatherhood, saying he “can’t wait”:

“I’m so excited to be a dad! I can’t wait to see my child and hold him or her in my arms.”

He also admitted that he not only married his wife at first sight, but loved her at first sight as well:

“It’s like when I was told I would be Married at First Sight. I had no idea who I would meet at the altar but knew that I would fall in love as soon as I set eyes on my wife. It’s the same type of happy-nervous feeling. It’s a lot of emotions running through me, but I can’t wait until my baby gets here and I can overwhelm my child with love.”

Hey, and if you’ve got love, you can get through anything, right?

Just adorable! We wish the best of luck to the happy couple and their soon-to-arrive bundle of joy!

[Image via Instagram/Briana Myles]

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