Man Abandons Wife After She Gives Birth To FIFTH Set Of Twins!

A woman in Uganda with 10 children in tow has been left alone and abandoned by her husband — because he’s apparently mad that she can’t stop giving birth to twins!

A local Ugandan television station interviewed a woman named Nalongo Gloria this week. During the interview, the woman explained how her husband, Ssalongo, reportedly left her and moved out of the family home after she gave birth to the couple’s FIFTH set of twins!

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Following her fifth labor recently, Nalongo bore her ninth and tenth child. What should have been a happy and triumphant time for the family soon turned sour. Citing her propensity for having only twins as “abnormal,” Ssalongo supposedly abandoned the family altogether.

Speaking to NTV Mwasuze Mutya about the incident, Nalongo recalled how she had gone to the city of Kampala to work as a domestic servant. Her family had become desperate to work and provide for themselves during pandemic lockdowns over the last several years, and she was forced to do whatever possible to help pay bills. Isolated in the big city, she quickly realized she’d been abandoned by her partner. He reportedly told her that he thought caring for the five pairs of kids was simply “too much” to handle:

“When I got pregnant with twins on the third day, the man said this is too much for him and told me to go home. Where he was sending me, I didn’t have their numbers anymore because I came to Kampala to work as a house girl.”

To make matters even worse, it sounds like things have been very difficult for some of the children. The mother reports that several of the older kids have already left home to make their own way in the world. Tragically, at least one child has already died under unclear circumstances.

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And her place of work appears to be backing off, too. The woman told the news outlet that her landlord is forcing her out of her work situation in Kampala because he allegedly does not want to deal with “her or her luggage.” During her nearly two-hour-long chat with the local TV show, Nalongo remained shockingly upbeat considering the difficulty of her situation. Per India Times, she told the news station:

“I don’t regret giving birth to all these children. I know their father doesn’t like them, and I can’t drop them at his place. Despite the challenges, I will never abandon my kids. I know God will provide. I handed my things to the Lord. I have suffered but God knows best.”


Such a terrible situation.

[Image via NTV Mwasuze Mutya/YouTube]

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