Maisie Williams Rewatched All Of Game Of Thrones And She Has THOUGHTS About The Last Seasons!

Three years. That’s how long it took for Maisie Williams to break. That’s a pro right there!

Over the weekend the 25-year-old finally gave her REAL opinion on the end of Game Of Thrones. Of course, it’s possible before now she was just too close to it. Reading a script full of action and emotions you’ll have to play is a far cry from tuning in for an hour on Sundays.

But three years later the actress who brought Arya Stark to life actually sat down and watched the whole show only as a fan — maybe to get hyped for House of the Dragon, as a lot of people did. And when she got to those last couple seasons, well, she had the same experience as a lot of viewers did.

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The revelation came as Maisie sat down with her brother Talfuin live on his Twitch channel. She was answering fan comments when someone perhaps jokingly said, “u should watch game of thrones,” to which she responded:

“You know, I rewatched it all recently. Erm, it was… It definitely fell off at the end.”

She may be willing to admit the show didn’t finish as the masterpiece everyone hoped, but she was still enjoying the rewatch quite a bit:

“But it started really strong. I was heartbroken when Ned died, and I knew it was coming. For the first time, I could really feel the story.”

Knew it was coming? You were there! LOLz! We’re just glad to finally be able to commiserate with Maisie, as we’re sure many fans who didn’t dig the end of the show are as well. That cast really deserved better than what, by all accounts, was a bit of a rush job from showrunners who wanted to move on to other things.

We just wish this bold response could have come earlier, maybe as part of her Hot Ones interview or something! But we guess at that time everyone was still tiptoeing around the subject of Jon Snow and the Night King and Daenerys. Well, except for Daenerys herself, who has spoken about this a few times.

Lately voicing her opinion has become part of Maisie’s brand — she hosts a movie podcast with her friends called The Frank Film Club. For her hot takes on Spider-ManMidsommar, and more, you can listen to that HERE!

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