Lupita Nyong’o Ate WHAT On Camera?!?

Lupita Nyong’o has officially freaked out a lot of followers with her newest food excursion!

The 39-year-old actress hung out Thursday at a special “three nights of dinners” event where Audi brought the world-famous restaurant Noma to Los Angeles. While at the gala, she dipped her toes into some adventurous dishes — one of which has totally given her fans the creeps!

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In a video posted to her Instagram, Lupita is shown holding a piece of what appears to be a melon-like yellow fruit. She then turns to the camera and holds the food out with a smile, proudly stating:

“It’s ants!”

Um… it’s WHAT?

When we finally get a good look at the fruit, it’s obviously dusted with the small insects. She continued her video by surprisingly stating she liked it!

“It’s really good! It’s not crunchy or anything!”

How did she not get bitten? An ant bite to the tongue or lips sounds like a nightmare!

The Us actress’ dining experience has been given mixed reviews in reply to her video, many of which saying they now feel “itchy” because of her consumption of the delicacy, and some were really really hoping the sprinkles were black pepper instead of bugs:

“Omg girl nooooo

No baby. I love you. But no

Nooooooo. I feel itchy now.

That’s what my mango looked like when I dropped it on the ground that one time.”

Although she received criticism, many of her followers were interested. Some even saying they’d try it themselves:

“One thing about me…put some hot sauce on it and I’m gonna eat it.

Talk to me. Was it good ?

i would probably try it too”

Nyong’o’s Black Panther co-star Winston Duke chimed in with his own confusion — and several incredible puns:

“What is u doin baybeh…what you eating ants fohhh?!! This is ant-agonizing me…I’m feeling antsy…what would yo aunt say…my antena is going crazyyy…

In the caption of the post, she stated she can now be called “Ant-Woman”:

“You can call me Ant-Woman!! #Marvel #Ants #Foodie”

Seriously, though. What would Paul Rudd think about this? Hopefully she didn’t chow down on anyone the Ant-Man star knows…

Ch-ch-check out the full post (below):

As it turns out, eating ants might not be such a bad idea! Studies suggest insects of all kinds are a great form of nutrition; they’re often packed with fat, protein, and lots of vitamins and minerals. So maybe skip the avocado toast next time and pick up a grasshopper!

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[Image via Instagram/Lupita Nyong’o]

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