Love Is Blind’s Danielle Ruhl Reveals How Divorce With Nick Thompson Came To Be!

Danielle Ruhl is opening up about her breakup with Nick Thompson.

As fans know, the couple tied the knot during season two of Love Is Blind, but Danielle officially filed for divorce last month. The news shocked many fans of the Netflix series as it came the same week their castmates Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones revealed their split. But apparently, Nick and Danielle’s love just wasn’t in the cards!

And now, the 29-year-old reality star is speaking out about what really went down with her and Nick’s breakup — and the aftermath of it. Speaking with E! News on Friday, Danielle shared there wasn’t a single reason or drama behind their divorce, explaining:

“Everyone’s wanting some sort of big story when that wasn’t necessarily the case. It was hard to speak about it at first because of how raw the emotions were and still are. But also, it’s not that interesting of a story. It was just two people decided that it was best to go their separate ways.”

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She continued:

“There was no catastrophe that had happened. And a lot of people had also assumed that there was some sort of incentive for the couples to stay together for a year and that wasn’t the case.”

As for the critics who believed the pair’s marriage was only for show? The television personality insisted she and Nick were not “faking anything” for the cameras, saying there truly was “love” between them:

“We didn’t stay together for a year because it was fake – we truly love each other, and that’s why this breakup was incredibly hard, it’s why it’s taken us so long to talk about it. But again, like it’s you have to think about the fact that it was a while ago.”

Even though it seemed like the two were incredibly happy during the After the Altar special, which premiered on the streaming service in mid-September after their split was announced, Danielle noted that viewers did not see what was really happening behind the scenes between them:

“The one thing that I get asked about a lot is like, ‘Oh, you guys seem so perfect during After the Altar. But I think it’s also important to remember that was filmed in March. And just because we were going [until] March doesn’t mean that we necessarily didn’t have certain difficulties leading up until, when we decided to end the relationship.”

Looking back, Danielle also shared that it was difficult having to watch the special after their separation:

“Obviously, breakups are hard. They’re always going to be hard. It’s been a pretty difficult time and then re-watching After the Altar just kind of adds an additional element of feelings to everything. There’s ups and downs. You just have to ride the wave.”

We cannot imagine how painful it must be to watch those happy moments on the screen, all while dealing with the hurt of a breakup! Super tough. But despite going through a difficult split, Danielle has nothing but sweet things to say about Nick, even calling him “a great guy” at the end of the day:

“Just because it didn’t work out like in the way that we had hoped, I would love to be friends in the future. I think it’s a little bit raw right now. So, it’s kind of difficult, but we went through something that no one else in the world has.”

While she is single now, she’s def not ready to meet someone new just yet:

“I don’t think I’ll be ready to date anytime soon. It takes me a long time to get over people. We’re still going through the divorce process. Dating is not in my near-term feature right now.”

Nothing wrong with taking a moment or two to focus on yourself before jumping into a relationship again! We are wishing both Danielle and Nick the best while they go through this divorce process. Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know!

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