Love Is Blind Star Natalie Lee Says Netflix Cut Footage Of Her Showing Ex Shayne Jansen’s DM Drama!

Natalie Lee is spilling the tea, and we are HERE FOR IT!

Of course, the Love Is Blind star matched with Shayne Jansen on Season 2 of the hit Netflix show. But things didn’t work out between them — and then Shayne’s pod connection to another cast member, Shaina Hurley, quickly came to the forefront of the drama. Now, Natalie is opening up about her blond ex’s alleged direct message flirting with Shaina! Man, the second season in the pods was chock full of juiciness!!

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At issue for Natalie is the storyline that came out in Netflix’s After the Altar post-show special. Er, it was the storyline that didn’t come out in that three episode follow-up. See, according to her, she showed producers alleged inappropriate direct messages between Shayne and Shaina. But it was cut from the special?! The star spoke to ET about it:

“I know the ending scene is like, they weren’t texts, they were his messages. It was Instagram DMs that I saw between them that I felt like were inappropriate and not anything I was comfortable with at the time. Then we went into filming After the Altar, so, I decided to tell my side of the story of just kind of what had happened in that relationship, especially because Shaina was my former friend as well.”

And she continued:

“And I think seeing her lies play in season two, I was extremely just surprised and very emotional, and then going into After the Altar, I decided to say what truly happened in that relationship with Shayne, and kind of how my former friendship with her as well played a part in that.”


Natalie wasn’t shy about making her case for these allegedly-omitted utterances. In fact, she claimed to the outlet that Netflix producers left a LOT of incriminating footage “on the cutting room floor.” She said this about Shayne’s supposedly shady communication with Shaina:

“I think a lot more was left on the cutting room floor. I understand, in terms of how much you can really show in these three 45-minute long episodes, but what I do have is again, text messages and emails with Shane, talking about him un-sending Instagram messages, deleting messages and those DMs with Shaina, so, that’s something that I talked about that didn’t make the cut, that I think kind of would have helped with the story.”

Jeez! Maybe Adam Levine should have considered un-sending some DMs. Ha!!

But the drama wasn’t limited to just Shaina, either! Lee claimed the final straw came when she learned Shayne was talking to “other women” as well. Uninterested in pursuing things with her pod pick any further, Natalie backed off:

“I think that whole situation. It wasn’t just with Shaina, it was with other women. And I think that situation, along with how he handled that situation as well, was the final straw in that relationship, closing the door.”


So, our obvious question is why didn’t producers show this on the After the Altar special? It’s juicy AF! Natalie and Shayne were one of the more entertaining pod couples from what turned out to be kind of a dud of a second season. (Sorry, Love is Blind fans, just being honest! Maybe that’s harsh, but the new eps didn’t re-capture the romantic magic of season one!)

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Even with her own love story on hold, though, Natalie did have good things to say about the filming process. For instance, she told ET that she does still believe love is blind. She explained her reasoning behind that, and her hope for future success stories on the show:

“I think so. I still hold onto it. I think even though the relationships didn’t end up in long-term marriage, I think that I can confidently say, we all fell in love in those pods. I think regardless of what our outcomes were, we all fell in love in those pods, and so I think in that way, love is blind, you can really fall in love with the core of who someone is. … You really, truly fall in love with who people are on the inside.”

Well isn’t that wonderful.

While the DM drama apparently didn’t make the cut during season two’s post-show mini-series, don’t fret, fans! The third season of Love is Blind is coming to Netflix in mid-October. And yes, we will definitely be watching!! Will U??

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