Lisa Marie Presley Was ‘Depressed’ Over Career Before Her Tragic Death, Says Elvis Pal

Lisa Marie Presley was struggling a lot before her sudden death last month.

In an interview with The Sun on Tuesday, singer Pat Boone — a close friend of the late Elvis Presley — shared that Lisa was “depressed” in the months before she died. The 88-year-old artist explained he first noticed something was wrong when he spent some time with Lisa and her mom Priscilla Presley at the 45th Commemoration of Elvis’ death at Graceland last year:

“I got to spend time with Lisa Marie and Priscilla. I could tell at that time Lisa Marie seemed down, seemed depressed. I felt something. I had, what’s the word, ominous feelings about her, and of course it proved to be accurate. I didn’t know it was serious enough for me to get involved. We talked, [and] we had interesting conversations. They knew I cared very much for Elvis, we were dear friends, and of course, I cared for them.”

The family friend explained that between losing her son Benjamin Keough and having “unfulfilled career hopes,” it all got to be “too much” for the 54-year-old singer:

“I think she had a lot of disappointments and then the death of her son. I mean it was just too much.”

One of those “disappointments” she supposedly felt was about her career. Pat said the musician struggled with handling her father’s “overwhelming success,” especially as she attempted to build her own career within the music industry years ago.

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Ultimately, he believed she had “unfulfilled career hopes and dreams gone sour” when it came to her music — since she was still usually seen as just “Elvis’s daughter.” Pat noted to the outlet:

“It can be dangerous, as you try and hang on to that.”

And sadly, the I’ll Be Home singer wasn’t able to speak with Priscilla about her daughter’s well-being before she died in January after going into full cardiac arrest. So, so sad. Since the news of her death, reports have come out detailing how Lisa was recently having a difficult time. According to TMZ, the mom, who has been open about her struggles with addiction, relapsed on opioids and lost a lot of weight quickly before she passed away. However, no official cause of death has been revealed at this time.

Looking back, Pat believes emotional illness might have been passed down through Elvis, as he struggled with a prescription drug addiction and trauma before he died in 1977. Drawing a chilling similarity between Lisa and the King of Rock and Roll about the pressures they faced, he explained:

“I know he was emotionally ill. He was finding it almost impossible to cope with what was demanded of him, which he did not want to keep doing. If you see the movie [Elvis] you know Tom Parker [his manager] committed him to five more years of something he did not want to keep doing. And it was just too much. Elvis was into uppers and downers, so he could sleep. And that is what took his life I think.”

It breaks our hearts to hear that Lisa Marie was going through such a hard time before her passing. Reactions? Let us know in the comments below.

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