Lindsay Lohan Opens Up About Her Return To The Spotlight, Married Life, Social Media, & MORE In New Interview!

Lindsay Lohan is back, baby!

Yep, you read that right — the red-headed darling is in her Lohanaissance era, and she sat down with Cosmopolitan to give all her thoughts on married life, social media, and her return to acting ahead of her new Netflix movie, Falling For Christmas. In a cover posted Monday, the 36-year-old explained she’s feeling “really good” about inching her way back into the spotlight, noting her love for the interview process that comes after filming:

“I’m really excited. It’s fun to be back in New York and doing shoots. And I love this part of the process. After you’ve filmed, this is the fun part. So I feel really great and just really excited and happy.”

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The actress has done a few low-budget productions here and there in the last few years, as well as the short-lived reality show Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club in 2019, but nothing on the level of leading a Netflix holiday special. She explained of the offer: 

“It was really comforting to me, when I got the script, to see a movie that was a rom-com because it’s always fun to work on something lighthearted and family-oriented that makes people happy and provides a bit of an escape.”

She said that comforting feeling really helped draw her in, and as even more than JUST the lead actress:

“I was excited to kind of come back, to do something with Netflix, who is a big family in a way. It was the right fit for me, especially to be able to executive produce it.”

Executive producer?! Wow, good for her! As for her new behind-the-scenes role, she added: 

“It’s a really different role that I get to play aside from just starring in the movie. It’s being involved in the projects at every step: the whole casting process, the editing and production process. And even parts of the script.”

She’s really coming back in full force! But when it comes to her approach on acting, she shared: 

“It’s always evolving. It comes very naturally to me to play a role, especially in a romantic comedy, so it doesn’t always feel like work. But when you really look at the character and how much more you can give people onscreen through the character’s eyes, there’s so much to play with and change. With this movie, I specifically wanted to do more physical comedy because I missed doing that.”

Lindsay of course got famous very young in movies like The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, and Mean Girls in the 2000s — the years just before the social media explosion. Innerestingly she’s a big fan — and believes social media is actually highly beneficial tool that help young actors maintain a hand on their narratives. She explained: 

“When I first started out in the business, none of us had a say in how to control our own narrative. There were paparazzi pictures, and then people ran with it. So I think it’s really good that in this day and age, people can say who they are and who they want to be. And I admire and appreciate that. I’m a little jealous because I didn’t have that. But I think it moves really fast and I just try to keep up as best I can. And I check everything before I post it. I’ll send it to people. Because you have to.”

That’s a really good point! There was the interest in her story — but she never got to tell it her way.

With all she’s been through in the public eye, we’re not too surprised she goes the extra mile to ensure everything she puts out on the world wide web is double checked these days. And it’s surely become much easier with her support system — namely, her husband, Bader Shammas, with whom she tied the knot back in July. She explained to the magazine:

“Well, I have an amazing husband, who’s a very calm person. Just the best. And my family. And I feel like I have a small group of good friends who are just really good people. That’s the only support that I really need: friends, family, and loved ones.”

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What more could a girl ask for?! She even revealed a friendship with Oscar-winning actor Al Pacino, who has served as a kind of guiding figure for her: 

“I actually have asked him for a lot of advice for a lot of things, especially work-wise and just life-wise, just because he’s a great person to talk to.”

She added:

“He always says, ‘Focus on your craft when it comes to your work.’ And I think that’s really important. Don’t let other outside things blur your vision.”

However, when not filming or doing press for upcoming projects, or chatting with acting legends, the freckled firecracker lives in the private city of Dubai, where paparazzi are actually illegal. There, she lives her best life, noting: 

“I cook a lot. I follow this @EatingHealthyToday Instagram and they do these really great healthy meals. I cook a lot of Italian. I do a lot of pastas. I do a lot of an Arabic dish called machboos. It’s chicken with rice and vegetables. I do a really good borscht soup. I also go to bed really early. 9:30.”

Serene queen! See her full cover (below):

We’re SO happy to see her in such a great spot in life, and we absolutely can’t wait to see her comeback in Falling for Christmas, only on Netflix November 10!

[Image via Cosmopolitan/YouTube]

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