Leah Remini Missed J.Lo’s Wedding… For Basically The Same Reason As Casey Affleck?!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know by now that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got hitched. Over the weekend, the two said “I do” again following their initial Las Vegas wedding last month, but this time for all their friends and family to see! The ceremony, which took place in Savannah, Georgia, welcomed the likes of Ben’s bestie Matt Damon, Kevin Smith, and Jason Mewes, in addition to many others (as we’ve previously reported).

We already know that the younger Affleck brother, Casey Affleck, couldn’t be in attendance due to “family, parental obligations at home,” AKA his oldest son, Indiana, leaving for college, but we’re now hearing that J.Lo’s own best friend Leah Remini wasn’t in attendance either! But it’s not why you may think… No, there’s no friend drama going on, but rather Leah elected to use her time in the same way Casey did: by sending off her daughter, Sofia, to college!

Wow! Good to know that our future is looking bright with all these celeb kids heading off to higher education! We see you, Millie Bobby Brown!

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As for Leah, a close source told TMZ that while she was invited, she wanted to spend all of her remaining time with her daughter before she heads out to pursue that degree. Good momma alert!

The source also noted that while Leah and Jen are extremely close — almost like sisters, the King of Queens star felt she missed out on some crucial life moments for her mini-me while she was… let’s just say “busy” with Scientology, so in the wake of her separation from the belief system in 2013, she’s been trying to be more present.

Back in June of this year, the So You Think You Can Dance judge posted an emotional tribute to Sofia in celebration of her 18th birthday, which she captioned at the time:

“Today, our daughter turns 18 and will soon be off to college. Sofia Bella, I can honestly say I have never known love until the day I held you in my arms. I am crying as I try and post something here to tell you how much you have given me. Making me your mom has been my greatest honor. Daddy and I adore you.”

See the full thing (below):

SO sweet! Someone must be cutting onions because we’re getting real teary eyed!

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But don’t worry, Jennifer definitely understands as she has her own little ones that will likely be heading off to college themselves in the coming years! And just to be sure that the friends are still good, they do in fact still follow one another her friend on social media. Take a look at Leah’s bday tribute to Jen from 2020 (below):

What are your thoughts on Leah’s decision to stay at home with her daughter? Let us know in the comments (below)!

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