Lauren Conrad ALMOST Came Back To The Hills — Why She Decided It Wasn’t Worth It!

She may have grown up on reality TV, but Lauren Conrad doesn’t have any plans of appearing on it ever again!

While chatting with Us Weekly on Thursday, The Hills alum revealed that she ALMOST agreed to go back on the MTV hit — but ultimately decided it wasn’t right for the lifestyle she has created for herself and wants for her family. She explained:

“I shared a lot. I feel like it’s just a privilege to have my privacy [now]. I appreciate it.”

That makes sense! Her priorities are just in a different place right now!

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The fashion designer, who first grew famous as a high schooler on Laguna Beach alongside Stephen Colletti, Kristin Cavallari, and Lo Bosworth, earned herself the popular spin-off The Hills in 2006. The new series following her time in El Lay while attending fashion school. After five years, she handed over her place in the spotlight to Kristin for the final season. Many of her former castmates still find themselves chronicling their lives for all to see on reality TV. So, naturally, it wouldn’t be that surprising if she wanted back in, but that’s officially off the table.

In the interview, the 36-year-old revealed that she and her husband, William Tell, briefly considered going back to The Hills to promote her various businesses on a more high-profile level, but even that wasn’t enough to convince her. The thought of getting so vulnerable for entertainment “just didn’t feel right” for their family at this time.

In fact, she says she’s now totally “done” with allowing cameras to follow her every move — and isn’t looking back. When asked if she’d consider doing any kind of television show to promote her businesses, she said candidly:

“I don’t think so. We tried a bit, it just didn’t seem right. If I’m able to do it not that way, then I’d prefer it.”

But it’s not like she can really forget about her TV stardom days! She has two sons, Liam James, 4, and Charlie Wolf, 2, who will certainly have questions when they get older. When asked if she’s shown them any clips from the show before, Lauren was clearly not ready to deal with that yet:

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get there. I don’t know [but] I do think about that. I’m like, ‘Oh, like when does that come up?’ I feel like [they’re] too young. It’s confusing. We’ll see way down the line.”

A conundrum for another day!

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She has enough on her plate as a working momma, including her new partnership with Planet Oat Marketplace, she reflected:

“Working moms have a really hard time just setting aside time for themselves. I think that looks different from every person. I’m still figuring it out, but I’m definitely in a much better place than I was a few years ago.”

That’s great! When she needs a break from her busy life, she seeks out a good drink for a few minutes of quiet time, she added:

“It doesn’t take a lot. I just want a glass of wine and nobody to bother me. I need like 30 minutes and just leave me alone.”

Hah! Love it!

It’s totally understandable why she wouldn’t want to go back on reality TV after regaining her privacy — but we bet a lot of fans would have loved to see her again! To hear more of her latest life updates, watch the full interview (below)!


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