Lauren Boebert Accused Of Abandoning 7-Year-Old Son & Dog During Terrifying ATV Accident!

We’d be shocked if you haven’t heard the name Lauren Boebert by now. The Congresswoman has made a name for herself taking the most extreme and offensive stances on just about every political topic. She’s been a huge Donald Trump supporter and was in contact with multiple organizers of the January 6 rally-turned-insurrection. Most recently she scoffed at the idea of any sort of gun reform — despite yet another school shooting in which a teenager legally bought an assault rifle and used it to murder 19 people before anyone — including “good guys with guns” — could do anything. All of this has, of course, made her a star in the new GOP.

All her extreme views are, naturally, couched in the idea of “family values.” But what are her real values when it comes down to it? Based on this shocking new story, it sounds like she’s less about protecting family and more about herself.

According to a bombshell report from, when faced with real danger Rep. Boebert abandoned her family — endangered their lives even — to save herself!

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A family insider told the outlet about an incident on Mother’s Day 2020 — just a couple weeks out from the end of her campaign to win the Republican primary for her congressional seat. According to this source, she and her family were off-roading on an ATV in Moab, Utah when she briefly lost control. She was driving the Jeep off-road vehicle, with her 7-year-old son Kaydon and the family dog in the back — and her sister-in-law Tori Hooper in the passenger seat. Despite all those loved ones she was responsible for, despite her small child being in the vehicle, according to this insider when the going got tough… she BAILED!

The source says she literally dove out of the vehicle to save herself, leaving the ATV careening toward a possibly deadly crash:

“It was pretty crazy. She [Boebert] got out of the driver’s seat and left Tori screaming and freaking out, and her son and dog in the back seat.”

Without even a warning, her sister-in-law (former now, as she and Lauren’s brother Benjamin Bentz are no longer together) tried to do anything she could to save herself and her nephew as the vehicle went into a ravine:

“Tori couldn’t get out of her seatbelt, so she grabbed the steering wheel. She’s steering into a cliff. They hit a rock wall; it struck her whole face. It was bad.”

Thankfully the crash wasn’t fatal, what with them driving into a ravine and toward who-knows-what. With no one at the wheel it could have been far worse. As it was the child and dog survived just a little banged up — no major injuries. But Tori wasn’t so lucky. She sustained some “severe” injuries to her face and chest. According to co-workers she was missing teeth. Apparently she had a tattoo on her chest that had to be redone after what the belt did to her skin. Oof.

According to the source, all Boebert was worried about was herself, even after. She failed to call 911 and even tried to silence her sister-in-law before her big election, the insider claims:

“Lauren begged Tori not to say anything. She tried to use her money. She said, ‘I’ll pay for it all,’ but Tori had insurance, so she didn’t have to pay for anything.”

We guess whatever she said worked as Tori still isn’t talking about the incident. Her mother, however, confirmed the story to the outlet, saying:

“She [Tori] got stuck inside of a crevice in the Jeep while Lauren sort of kind, of took off her belt and slipped out. You won’t [find any reports of a 911 call] but she was really injured for sure.”

She explained that her daughter’s “whole face was smashed” and had to be repaired at the hospital. However after quickly getting “stitched up” she tried to stay home and out of sight while healing. It only made things worse. Her mother recalled:

“She let everything heal up and later she went and got her nose fixed. She came home to recover but her sodium dropped and her body kind of went into shock almost into a coma. She was taken back into hospital here [in Rifle] but they had her airlifted her [to a bigger hospital] because they couldn’t deal with it there. It was terrifying. It all happened months later but it was all from the trauma of the accident.”

If this is true, if Lauren Boebert really was going to let her 7-year-old child go over a cliff if it meant saving herself, it truly is despicable.

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American Muckrakers, the PAC that was putting out information about Madison Cawthorn (possible in retaliation for exposing Republican orgies — a wild story you can read about HERE), is pushing hard against Boebert, just over two weeks before her next primary. They’re urging the Colorado Department of Human Services Office of Children, Youth and Families to investigate. They even suggested part of the reason for the cover-up is that the future Congresswoman had been drinking and driving.

Boebert’s spokesperson responded to the story by denying any wrongdoing, saying:

“This is another outrageous claim from a partisan political group. The Congresswoman doesn’t drink. The partisan hacks responsible for this fabrication even posted texts with their source confirming this story was made up.”

We have no idea if Rep. Boebert drinks, but this would not be her first time getting in trouble for recklessness in a vehicle. In 2016 she was charged with careless driving and operating an unsafe vehicle after her truck rolled into a ditch. She was arrested months later after failing to appear in court. So clearly she cares about law and order as much as she does family values.

Lauren Boebert mugshot
(c) Garfield County Sheriffs Office

What do YOU think of all this, Perezcious readers? Does this sound like the parenting behavior you’d expect from someone with these kind of family values??

[Image via House Natural Resources Committee Democrats/YouTube/Lauren Boebert/Instagram.]

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