Lamar Odom Just Bought Three Drug Rehab Facilities & Intends On Helping Others Beat Addiction!

Lamar Odom has made it out of one of the darkest periods of his life — and now he’s helping others do the same.

Of course, the former Los Angeles Lakers star has been very open in recent years about his past problems with drug addiction. Khloé Kardashian‘s ex-husband nearly died from a horrifying overdose in a Nevada brothel back in 2015. He suffered severe health complications from that experience, including kidney failure, heart attacks, and strokes.

But lately, he’s been making amends for his past behavior. And more importantly, Lamar has been focusing on his own health and sobriety. So to hear this news about his decision to do the same for other people truly warms out hearts!!

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According to TMZ, the longtime now-former NBA star has purchased three rehab facilities in Southern California. The centers are all in San Diego County a few hours south of El Lay. Per the outlet, one site is in San Diego itself, while the other two are in the suburban cities of El Cajon and Lemon Grove.

Lamar didn’t go in on these facilities alone. The news org reports he’s involved in a partnership with two other notable public figures: Christian hip-hop artist Dontae Ralston and famed skateboarder Dennis Martinez. That group’s rehab properties will apparently be known from here on with Odom Wellness Treatment Center branding. Good for them!!

The trio made the purchase recently, per Odom’s rep. Currently, one of the facilities is a women’s treatment home. Another is a men’s detox center, and the third is a men’s residential center. It sounds like Lamar’s group intends to use them in much the same way, and just build off what’s already there.

It also sounds like the former University of Rhode Island standout is ready to start moving forward on this ASAP! A rep for the 43-year-old hoop star said Lamar is “ready to start saving lives” as soon as possible. He also intends to be “highly involved” with the day-to-day work being done in the rehab centers, per his team.

Odom’s PR rep explained:

“He wants to help everyone he can. He is thankful that he was given a second chance at his life and feels his destiny is to help others.”

That’s amazing!

Seriously, Lamar experienced the lowest of lows during his battle with addiction. So in that regard, he’s very highly-qualified to empathize with others and try to get fellow addicts out of terrible situation. Snaps and claps for this world-famous baller dedicating his life to something so important!!

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Odom may not be done with his rehab real estate push, either. In Monday morning’s report on the purchases, TMZ notes Lamar has his sights set on “opening up two more centers soon.” Per the outlet, one would be in San Diego, and another would be up in Calabasas just north of El Lay near where his ex-wife lives.

We are seriously so happy to report this news. Lamar truly went through hell and back with that 2015 overdose and all the awful experiences leading up to it. To see how he’s repaired his own life and is intent on doing the same thing for others is an amazing move!!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?

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