Lala Kent Says Raquel Leviss’ Duplicitous Behavior Is Actually ‘Terrifying’!

Ooh, y’all knew this was coming! Lala Kent rarely holds back on her Give Them Lala podcast, she certainly wasn’t going to pull any punches when it came to a castmate she had genuine reason to be upset with!

Of course she’s already weighed in on the whole Scandoval. As Vanderpump Rules fans are well aware, Ariana Madix dumped longtime boyfriend Tom Sandoval after finding out he’d been cheating on her with their friend and co-star Raquel Leviss. The current word on the street is this was a full-on relationship between Sandoval and Raquel, lasting around SEVEN MONTHS! Ugh!

Naturally, everyone has been supportive of Ariana and coming down hard on the others. And Lala is leading the charge! But on her longform podcast she had more time than ever to go off!

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First off, a big question. Will Raquel stick around on VPR?? Or will she flee the spotlight now that everyone is against her? Lala doesn’t know what she will do — but she knows what she should do!

“I don’t know if she’ll come back. I personally would leave and run away and go home and go and live my life.”

Maybe so. But being a reality TV villain is a lucrative career opportunity for a while. Can she really say no to that? Her actions will certainly fuel ratings on the show for at least a full season, right? Would they really let her go??

Sure, it’s cynical, but hey! That’s reality TV, right? No one goes away and lives their life. One thing is for sure — she’s not going to be welcomed back into the fold anytime soon:

“The group’s never going to forget. That’s some low-down, dirty stuff.”

Lala makes it clear she places the brunt of the blame on the actual cheater in the situation, noting that Sandoval has a “narcissistic vibe” that makes him feel entitled to treat people this way. However. Raquel isn’t an innocent victim here either. She pretended to be Ariana’s friend for all those months, some of which you can see on the show’s current episodes!

Lala says about Raquel’s duplicity:

“Men are a**holes, but you don’t expect your best friend who’s, like, a woman to do you like that and to sit there and look you in your eyes and confide in each other. When the whole time that’s what she’s doing behind your back. That is absolutely terrifying.”

She’s not kidding. We aren’t qualified to say it’s sociopathic per se, but seriously, how could you ever trust someone who can be that two-faced ever again? Scary stuff indeed.

As for whether Raquel and Sandoval will end up together? Lala actually has higher hopes for that coupling — in the shadiest way, of course. She quipped:

“Bottom feeders attract bottom feeders, and real recognize real.”

We guess she feels like the “bottom feeders” deserve one another! Ouch!

Hear all Lala’s thoughts in the full episode HERE!

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