Kylie Kelce Pops Off On ‘Entitled’ Fan Who Demanded Photo Of Her & Jason During Their Date Night — WATCH The Heated Exchange!

Don’t come for Kylie Kelce!

The wife of former Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Jason Kelce went off on a woman who got a little too rude with the couple while they went out for a nice dinner at a restaurant in New Jersey over the Memorial Day weekend! And video of the heated exchange is only just now making the rounds on social media — but what it shows is SHOCKING!

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So, Travis Kelce‘s brother and sister-in-law went out for a nice date night in the seaside town south of Atlantic City. But before they could even go inside the restaurant Steve & Cookies to begin their meal, something went very wrong: a NASTY back-and-forth in the parking lot with a woman who apparently wanted a photo with them!

Per the Word To The Wise podcast, which was first to obtain footage of the incident, the Kelces were either “sitting in traffic or their car” when the woman tried to get their attention. The podcast reported that a witness said:

“Kylie and Jason were going to Steve & Cookies in Margate for dinner around 5pm, when the lady asked for a photo of them. They politely said no, and the answer was not acceptable to the women.”

Per Page Six, multiple bystanders reported that Kylie “politely” declined the request for the photo, and that caused the woman to FREAK OUT!! The two women went toe-to-toe in a loud verbal confrontation before the unnamed fan was eventually restrained by another man. During the video, the woman could be heard yelling at Kylie:

“I don’t give a f**k who you are, you will never be allowed in this town again!”

Um, WHAT?! Yeah, OK, sure lady… Without missing a beat, Kylie replied:

“I can smell the alcohol on your breath. You’re embarrassing yourself.”

And as for Jason?! Well, as you can see (below), he stood a few feet away and let his wife handle her s**t:


Don’t mess with Kylie Kelce, seriously! Over on X (Twitter), users all had the Kelce fam’s backs, too. Here are just a few of the reactions to the overzealous woman’s actions and the video of the confrontation:

“Bold move. Of all the NFL wives you could’ve started beef, with Kylie bout that action”

“I like how Jason just steps back bc Kylie is a giant among women.”

“Technically, she did get a pic of her & the Kelces together”

“The way she arched up… Karen was one more bad move from a long sidewalk nap.”

“Kylie is the queen of delco don’t mess with her”

“That lady needs to leave Kylie and Jason alone!”

“Good for Kylie. People can be so damn entitled for no reason”

“I love that Jason stayed away; he knew Kylie had this.”

As far as that last one goes… NO KIDDING! What do U make of this ugly exchange, Perezcious readers?! Sound OFF with your take (below)!

[Image via Kylie Kelce/Instagram/New Heights/YouTube]

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