Kylie Jenner Slams Critics Of Her TikTok With Another Relatable Video — This Time With Wardrobe Malfunction!

Kylie Jenner is not taking too kindly to being called out on TikTok!

The social media influencer and longtime reality TV personality has been drawing the ire of fans on the short-form video app after one of her most recent posts was published late last month. In it, the 25-year-old star tried her best to seem relatable by filming in her car. She even accidentally (???) dropped her phone while recording — and left it in the video.

Fans weren’t having it, though. Many called out the Life of Kylie alum’s supposed fake authenticity with the phone drop and car shot. Also, that was the second TikTok controversy she’s been embroiled in recently!! So clearly, Kylie’s fans are getting sassy online. And now she’s giving it right back!!

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On Tuesday afternoon, the mom of two took to the app with a new clip. This one was posted in her car, too, just like the last video. In fact, Kylie specifically mentioned that in the new shot!

Miffed that fans would criticize her for, ummm, driving, the Kylie Cosmetics mogul clapped back with the promise of a new social media series from behind the wheel:

“Last time I did a TikTok in the car … it seemed to just piss some people off. I think some people thought that it was, like, fake or that I really don’t drive myself, which is just silly. So, I was thinking we can start a series called ‘Kylie in the Kar.’”

The criticism didn’t come from people thinking she didn’t really drive, it was that teen TikTokers who don’t own their own mansions have to film in their cars sometimes. And it seemed like Kylie was just doing it to seem “relatable.”

Speaking of relatability…

Right off the jump in Tuesday’s new video, Stormi Webster‘s momma noticed a visible stain on her shirt. Pausing to point it out, she said:

“Oops! It looks like I’m lactating.”

Whoa! Of course, Kylie and partner Travis Scott just welcomed a baby boy earlier this year — their second child together. So it’s no wonder she’s going through these motherly experiences. And it’s refreshing to see she’s not being apologetic about it!!

You can watch Kylie’s clip, in which she jokes about filming future “Kylie in the Kar” kontent content (below):


Kylie in the Kar !!!! this red is wayyyy too bomb. can’t wait for it to launch tomorrow 9am pst @kyliecosmetics

♬ original sound – Kylie Jenner

Fans went crazy in the comments, too!

Here are just a few of the reactions to Kylie’s latest relatable video, and her clapback against the prior criticism:

“The lactating part LMFAOOO I love you Kylie”

“Idk about them but I Stan Kylie in the kar”

“We love a humble Kween in her Kar”

“she so iconic balancing her phone on the steering wheel”

“I love how people hated on her for talking in the car and now she made it a whole series slay Kylie”

“The real ones know Kylie actually drives her cars… y’all are in her business? Don’t do that”

“i totally forgot kylie had a new baby”

OK then!

Relatable Kylie ⟨™⟩ is definitely getting a lot of TikTok support this time around. What do y’all think about it tho, Perezcious readers??

Sound OFF with your take down in the comments (below)…

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