Kylie Jenner Hits Back At TikToker Saying She’s Trying To Seem Relatable With A Fake Lip Kit Review!

Kylie Jenner is at the center of yet another case of a TikTok user turned detective.

The Kylie Cosmetics founder may have thought she was just posting an innocent review of her latest lip blush drop, but she ended up being analyzed by a TikToker named PlasticChandler, who concluded her video was “very curated to the style of an influencer,” adding “this is something Emma Chamberlain would post.” Ha!

He’s accusing the reality star of trying to be one of the normies without a gazillion dollars, just like you! LOLz! He went on to say:

“You’re a billionaire, girl. Like why are you reviewing lip kits in your car when you live in a multi-million dollar home? Like you did not just go to the store and pick that up, you didn’t get home from somewhere and get it from your mailbox – like, that was very deliberate of you going to your car to do that.”

He even added “the phone drop was kind of cringey” in reference to her phone falling at the beginning of her own video. We’re guessing he figures because she easily could have edited that out, she must have purposely left it in to seem relatable.

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TikTok users were quick to agree, writing comments like: 

“They’re really just chameleons at this point. They capitalize on whats big in the moment, i mean why else would they be on Tiktok?”

“The phone drop was so intentional”

“it’s all marketing”

“Even their “authenticity” is v much curated”

“the thought of her getting in her car solely to film that tiktok and then getting out immediately afterwards is so funny”

“they’re cosplaying us”

Seems clear there are plenty of folks who agree this is a marketing strategy after Kylie’s private jet backlash. Like how she suddenly went on a trip to Target and Sonic right after that whole PR debacle.

But one TikToker took to the comments to shut down the speculation: Kylie herself! She wrote:

“it’s really not that deep or calculated. this video took me 5 mins to make. and yes i still drive and do normal things”

See! She’s just a totally normal girl, standing in front of 46.6 million followers, asking them to buy her products.

Do you think Kylie’s review was intentionally curated? Or is she being unfairly judged?? Watch both TikToks and then let us know in the comments (below)!


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