Kylie Jenner Fires Back At TikTok User For Poking Fun At Her Lips! See All The Drama HERE!

Over the years through countless glosses and injections, lips have just about become synonymous with Kylie Jenner — and they’re the subject of her most recent TikTok where she did NOT come to play.

The Kylie Cosmetics founder took to the video sharing app on Saturday to pose alongside her bff, Stassie Karanikolaou, where the two both sported long, dark, silky locks, form-fitting crop tops, and some BIG ol’ lips to Ciara’s Favorite. The pair can be seen checking themselves out in the selfie cam before posing prom-style with Kylie wrapping her arms around Stass.

Pretty cute, not going to lie!

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However, fans may have thought the lips were a step too far this time as some took to the comments section to write things like:

“Remember ladies. We aren’t ugly, just broke !”

“Do y’all remember when she was asked about her lips and she said it was just lip liner because she couldn’t admit it was filler lmao”

“I’m sorry I just can’t do the lips”

“Unnatural queens”

“They got a allergic reaction?”

“It’s not giving what they think it’s giving”

“At this point just put lipstick on ur nose”

Ouch! But one comment in particular rubbed the Lip Kit master the wrong way:

“The lips, please”

To which the mom of two clapped back:

“It’s the filter but go off”

Yeah, if we were to receive a comment back from Kylie like that, we’d probably just log off the internet forever, LOLz. It does seem bizarre that this troll in particular got the 25-year-old riled up as there were clearly a lot of far worse disses, but hey, you’ve gotta pick and choose your battles!

However, it wasn’t over yet as additional users then replied to her comments, writing things like:

“‘It’s the filter but go off’ I’d cry myself to sleep after that.”

“‘It’s the filter but go off’ like they don’t look the exact same without the filter too”

But some fans were #TeamKylie, coming to her support saying things like:

“Imagine looking this good after having 2 kids”

“why is everyone talkin bout the lips when she literally looks fine… go do sun else with ur life”

“yasss sis”

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Even Kylie’s ex brother-in-law Kanye West dropped a kind word, writing:


See the full post (below):


♬ Favorite – ciara

Being a celebrity trying to defend yourself in the comments section is pretty much a losing game… It’s literally you against the world. But we can’t blame a girl for trying — she’s got that fiery Leo energy!

Anyway, what do YOU think about the drama, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Images via Kylie Jenner/Instagram & TikTok]

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