Kristin Cavallari Responds To Jay Cutler’s Reveal About Having A Divorce Party With Some Shade Of Her Own!

Kristin Cavallari tried to play it cool as long as she could in order to keep wraps on the legal aspects of her divorce from Jay Cutler. But eventually, she just had to get a dig in to save face!

The 35-year-old reality TV veteran popped up at LAX on Monday, and TMZ cameras were there to walk with her from the terminal to her transportation. And as expected, the photog inquired about the Uncommon James founder’s divorce from the former NFL quarterback!

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The ex-couple’s settlement is apparently still being worked out, as reporting by Us Weekly late last week cited a source who claimed the duo “had yet to finalize their divorce.” But it’s also clear things are moving quickly in that direction! And Kristin wanted to keep it as quiet so as not to upset the legal sitch!

When asked by the trailing photog about her split status and any settlement attached to it, the designer balked, saying:

“I’m not going to comment on that.”

It was clear she wanted to stick to her guns on that one! Even though Jay just hinted at a divorce settlement on his podcast (more on that below), Kristin refused to take the bait to reveal anything about the contractual context of their breakup.

When asked once again about it, she laughed off the paparazzi’s persistence and repeated:

“I actually don’t think I’m supposed to say. I’m not going to say anything.”

Disciplined!! Still, when the photog queried whether Kristin was going to have a “divorce party” once things are official — like Jay claims he did — the Laguna Beach alum finally decided to clap back!

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As she walked away to her car, the star smiled and delivered this cold, cool line about her mindset following her April 2020 split from the former Denver Broncos quarterback:

“I’ve been partying for two years straight.”


Sorry ’bout it, Jay!

BTW, the “divorce party” reference harkens back to comments the 39-year-old ex-football player made last Wednesday on an episode of his Uncut podcast. While talking with sports talk radio host Clay Travis on the episode, Jay hinted that he’d reached some sort of financial agreement with Kristin in their ongoing legal battle:

“When the settlement came through, I threw a party.”

So, does that mean she paid him or what?! Travis picked up on that vibe immediately, razzing the former Vanderbilt University star with this follow-up comment:

“I would guarantee that you are the first quarterback to get divorced and make money in the NFL off the divorce. Has anyone told you that before?”

Jay clearly caught the humorous part of his newly-single situation, replying:

“I don’t know what I can say, first of all. I don’t know if I made money. Yes, it’s very funny. It worked out. It worked out for Kristin, it worked out for me. It is what it is.”

Very interesting, indeed! So maybe their divorce is now getting very close to official status with this apparent financial settlement coming into view?! (BTW, if you’re curious, you can watch Jay’s hour-long podcast with Clay Travis HERE.)

It’s also noteworthy that Kristin refuses to talk about it — hinting at legal requirements to keep mum — while Jay is just out here openly dropping hints left and right. Hopefully his legal team isn’t losing too much sleep over that… Ha!

Still, the “two years straight” divorce party clapback is definitely a winner for Cavallari. You walked yourself right into that one, Cutler!

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[Image via Uncut with Jay Cutler/YouTube/Kristin Cavallari/Instagram]

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