Kristen Doute Reveals What Happened Night Ariana Madix Discovered Affair — & Suspects Tom Sandoval Cheated With Two Or MORE Women!!

Kristen Doute has some scalding hot tea to spill about exactly what happened the moment Ariana Madix found out her boyfriend Tom Sandoval was cheating on her with their Vanderpump Rules co-star Raquel Leviss!

It’s been the scandal that has shocked the internet this week. As reports have claimed thus far, Ariana called it quits with her beau of nine years after discovering his seven-month affair with their colleague via an intimate video and texts on his phone. Since then, the entire VPR cast has taken sides, there’s been legal action, and a lot more filming is underway to capture all the drama for the Bravo series. And as each day goes by, things seriously (somehow) get messier and messier! This update is no exception!

According to Kristen, who left VPR in 2020 but has stayed close with the cast, she was there the night that it happened — and she’s ready to fill us all in!! Buckle up, this is gonna be a lot to process!

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On this week’s episode of the Sex, Love, and What Else Matters podcast, the reality TV star described the fateful night s**t hit the fan, saying:

“I was actually with Ariana and Tom that night. We were watching the band play at TomTom. He’s done playing and we’d all gotten up to just kind of chatter and grab a drink. All of the sudden I realize Ariana’s gone for, it had to be like 20 minutes or something because she left her coat and her purse.”

Not understanding the gravity of what was going on yet, Kristen passed off Ariana’s belongings to a friend and left for the night. Later, she learned Ariana’s love life had come crumbling down:

“So what had happened was during Tom’s performance his phone fell out of his pocket and a mutual friend of theirs picks up the phone and hands it to Ariana. The real truth is that Ariana had his phone and she told me that she just had this gut intuition to look at it.”

Feels like the universe was giving Ariana a little nudge by having the phone fall out of his pocket! Also, Kristen insisted the pair had been a “trusting couple,” so the very notion that the 37-year-old was feeling the need to check his phone was unusual. She added:

“She just felt like she had to look. So she goes into his photos. He had screen recorded a FaceTime of he and Raquel masturbating. That’s the truth.”


That must have been such a gut-wrenching sight! And while she was being a doting girlfriend supporting him at his concert? BRUTAL. According to the podcaster, Tom and Ariana “left the show pretty quickly” after the discovery and Ariana made a phone call to Raquel, who wasn’t very apologetic about anything! She shared:

“Raquel and Scheana [Shay] were together at some bar after Watch What Happens Live, a lot of this was on the internet, but the truth of what happened was Raquel was… I’m just gonna say, she’s f**king dumb. And she’s walking around all Raquel-like and Scheana asks, ‘Who are you on the phone with? What’s going on?’ And she too casually says, ‘I’m talking to Ariana. Sandoval and I had a seven-month affair.’ You’re telling this to Ariana’s best friend. Scheana snatched her phone. She threw it in the gutter. Raquel is saying they’re in love and they’re going to be together.”

Why does it sound like she didn’t give a f**k about the news leaking at all?! No remorse, no guilt, no shame. How was she so nonchalant about it? By the way, this casual reaction may be why Scheana allegedly punched Raquel in the face after learning of the affair, but Kristen didn’t spend much time discussing those allegations. Instead, she turned her attention to the TomTom co-owner, saying:

“I don’t know what he’s thinking. I’ve barely talked to him. I don’t know if he’s actually saying those same things [as Raquel]. But I know that that’s what she’s saying, that they’re in love and they have matching necklaces.”

As to be expected, Ariana is “not doing well” amid this scandal, her friend candidly revealed:

“She’s numb and she’s sad and she doesn’t want to hear about anything anymore. That’s what she did tell us yesterday. She’s like, ‘What does it matter? I don’t want to hear about any more rumors.’ She’s deleted some social media from her account. We were telling her some things that came up and she was like, ‘What does it matter? I don’t want to know anymore. It’s just going to make me feel worse.’”

Aw! We are sure it doesn’t help that there have now been rumors that Tom cheating on both Ariana and Raquel with another woman, supposedly named Julia Sandoval (though they aren’t related). And Kristen alleges there could be MORE women, she dished:

“I feel like there’s going to be a lot more coming out. Rumors about him and other people. I’ve heard a couple of things already. I don’t necessarily want to share publicly yet, just in support of Ariana, until I know for sure. But I’m pretty damn sure at least two of them are very, very true.”


That means there’s a third other woman, and maybe several more! Damn. Kristen then said “one of the worst parts” about this ordeal is that Tom “wasn’t even apologetic,” adding:

“That actually shocked me. He was blaming her and gaslighting her. Like, ‘You know we haven’t been happy and you know, you weren’t supportive of my endeavors.’”

WTF! The least he could do is just own up to his mistake! Besides, Kristen called him out, saying Ariana was his “only supporter” before the affair:

“We all laughed at you for many years. I love Tom. I care about him. I’ve always said, ‘I worship the ground Ariana walks on for how she put up with that s**t.’ I am just happy I don’t have to. She did me a favor.”

Even Tom’s bestie and business partner Tom Schwartz is supposedly super upset with Sandoval, but he wasn’t as blindsided as the rest of the cast. Kristen claimed:

“Schwartz isn’t happy about this either… Schwartz only found out a month ago. Schwartz and I were texting yesterday and he said that he told him to tell Ariana before it blew up in his face and humiliated the hell out of her.”

He knew a month ago and didn’t say anything!? Hmm. Not everyone is buying the fact he may have just found out, especially since, according to Kristen, the new lovebirds may have been spotted together nearly a year ago! She explained:

“There were rumors going around about Tom Schwartz and Raquel supposedly making out at Coachella, but everyone said, ‘well, Tom Schwartz wasn’t there. What are these dumb rumors?’ Come to find out, allegedly — this is on the internet allegedly from one of Raquel’s good friends — it was Tom Sandoval and Raquel making out at Coachella!”

The theory is whoever saw them got confused and got their Toms mixed up. But this means he was out there making out with another woman in front of a massive crowd of people! Why do famous dudes keep thinking they can get away with this?! And surely Schwartz must have found out about this if he was the one dragged into the rumors, right? Wouldn’t he have had some questions for Raquel?

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Another interesting part of the podcast was when Kristen addressed her somewhat unexpected friendship with Ariana. As Perezcious readers know, Ariana actually kissed Tom when he was still dating Kristen, though the relationship was clouded with a ton of infidelity on both their parts. Kristen shared that Ariana told her she was “so sorry” after everything went down, but she doesn’t think this is “karma,” explaining:

“Are you out of your damn mind? This is not the same thing. Tom and I, for the record everybody, we should have broken up after year two. We stayed together for three, almost four more years. We cheated on each other. We were a very toxic. We were broke. We were young. We were idiots. They have been in a decade-long partnership, essentially a marriage without a certificate. That’s a commitment and for her to apologize to me, for what? Because she didn’t listen to me or because of the way that their relationship started? No. And that’s why I took to social media almost immediately when I heard about it because I was so tired of everyone saying, ‘Oh my god, this is Ariana’s karma.’ There’s no karma about any of this except what’s coming to Sandoval and Raquel at the end of it.”

Karma is a bitch. We wouldn’t want to be Tom and Raquel when it comes for them! It already sounds like the scandal might be too much for their love to withstand. Reactions?! SOUND OFF (below)!

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