Kim Kardashian Shares EPIC Halloween Decorations — WATCH!

Kim Kardashian doesn’t play around when it comes to holiday decorations — and her incredible Halloween display this year is NEXT LEVEL!!

In a new TikTok posted on Wednesday, the 42-year-old socialite gives us a glimpse into her outrageously spooky world. In the video, a dimly lit outdoor walkway can be seen as she gives viewers a better look at her skeleton-covered trees and all of the white hands planted along the path to look like they’re rising up from the dirt. There are also some cloaked figures in the background who seem to be having some sort of ritual around a bonfire. Everything is blinding white, too, which adds to the creepy factor! Super eerie!

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Probably the coolest part about the hands — which Kim says are her favorite part — is they’re all molded after her friends and family’s hands! The TV star hosted a “molding party” where everyone got together and chipped in to help make ’em. Sounds like tons of fun, tbh!

Heading up to the front door, more skulls and bones are stacked around the entrance — it seriously looks like she’s about to walk into the catacombs! The inside of the house might be even scarier, though, as it’s filled with mummies and cloths hanging from the ceilings. The entire hallway is even lined with wrapped figures against the walls — it adds so much suspense because who knows if one of them could be a real person ready to jump out at any moment! Sounds like the perfect recipe for a haunted house…

See the full video for yourself (below):


Perfect Halloween 2022

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