Kim Kardashian Says ‘If People Knew’ What Kanye Marriage Was REALLY Like They’d Wonder Why She Didn’t Divorce Him Sooner!

Kim Kardashian has absolutely zero regrets when it comes to walking away from her marriage with Kanye West!

As viewers know, a majority of the season one finale of The Kardashians focused on the drama surrounding Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson. The basketball star’s paternity scandal with his baby momma Maralee Nichols kind of blew everything up for Khlo. But we ended up getting some info on another split as well!

During the episode, Kim went to check up on her little sister to see how she was holding up following the devastating bombshell. And while chatting about going through a tough breakup so publicly, the 41-year-old reality star offered up some rare insight into her relationship with Ye!

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She began by speaking about how to address these things on social media, admitting:

“I don’t know if I should unfollow Tristan again. I don’t want to play that game publicly. And then sometimes I feel like I want to also cleanse my palate. When is that time when we step into our siblings’ lives and be like, ‘This isn’t OK.’ I feel like we always tiptoe around each other’s situations because we don’t want to meddle and I respect that no one came to me during my marriage and was like, ‘Are you good?’ Everyone let me have my own journey and see that on my own and I appreciate that, but sometimes I look back like, ‘When do we jump in?’”

Koko then chimed in, commenting on how she was beyond any one of their family members stepping in at this point — and just wished someone would have voiced their concerns before! She lamented:

“What I have frustrations about, it has nothing to do with any of you guys, it wasn’t the first or second mistake. … That’s the time that I wish someone would’ve been like, ‘No! What do you mean? We’ve done this how many times? No! You’re not crazy. Actually, you’re f**king right.’”

Agreeing with her sis, Kim then noted that she also tried very hard to make her relationship with Kanye work before ultimately filing for divorce in January 2021. After putting in all the effort, she has NO GUILT over the decision to split — despite what some Yeezy fans may think:

“If people knew what my relationship was like, they’d be like, ‘How did it last this long?’ But I can live with myself knowing I tried everything possible to make a situation work, so I can walk away guilt-free and I feel like you can at least say, you had a family, you tried and you can look your daughter in the face.”

After everything he put her through publicly — shaming her sexuality, airing dirty laundry about their first pregnancy, attacking her family on social media, MOVING TO ANOTHER STATE — we were all wondering how she lasted so long in that marriage, TBH!

He may not have hid his bad behavior before the split but ever since things have gone into overdrive, what with his non-stop harassment of Kim and boyfriend Pete Davidson on Instagram. We mean, one minute, the Yeezy designer was begging for her to come back to him, and then the next, he was accusing her of keeping him away from their kids, threatening the Saturday Night Live alum several times, and so much more. And this happened for months, too! It was just so brutal to watch play out at times…

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